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(Vic) Insurer requires a Driving History Record

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dazzler, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Is it normal for an insurer to require a Driving History Record (from Vicroads)

    I don't see it on the PDS and when asked they say it is to prove that I am licenced for my bike class and to prove I have not been disqualified in the last 5 years.

    I have nothing to hide in either case, but I've not heard of claimants being required to provide this before.

  2. From what I know they can request documentation as proof of your driving record.

    Never heard of it, except where they might have a suspicion. What insurer?
  3. Hello Dazzler,

    I wouldn't say it's normal but wouldn't say it's abnormal either. When I was shopping for insurance last year some insurance companies didn't ask for a driving history but some on the other hand wanted a detailed incident by incident report on their website.

    Perhaps I can say maybe this is something new they are doing.
  4. Insure my ride.
  5. Ah yeh - I found them quite uncompetitive to be honest. Their premiums were ok but the level of detail they wanted on certain things started sending some warning bells, and then their excesses for under 25 and inexperienced rider excess was insane.

    Other insurers ended up cheaper on premiums with far better excesses.
  6. When my bike got written off this time last year Swann asked me for my driving history. Funny how they didnt ask for it when i was handing over my money to them, but when it was the other way around they wanted it...
  7. So if an insurer requested that they wouldn't cover you until you provided written documentation detailing your driving history, you would prefer this?
  8. TBH, I'm surprised more insurers don't require this. They've always taken my word for it in the past, which is fine 'cos I have a good record. Maybe with the explosion in demerit points in some states, more people have been lying recently.
  9. This way, they get your money, then, when they find out you lied, they get to keep it too! (y)
  10. I have never heard of any insurance company asking for that, either for a car or bike. I got both car and bike insurance no problem and I came from the UK only 3 1/2 years ago and never got asked for any proof of anything!

    If Insure my ride is your best quote, then call QBE and they will beat it, they guarantee it.
  11. Hope you've got your flameproof suit handy. QBE have been copping a bit here lately :LOL:.

    BTW, I've got a car, a bike and home contents insured with QBE and never had a problem with them.
  12. QBE asked for my driving record when I claimed a few years ago. It's a bit annoying because I can never remember exactly when that ticket was and just take a stab at it when getting quotes.
  13. They mostly look for specific offences like multiple speeding fines, excessive speeding and suspensions/cancellations.
  14. I would have thought they are looking for the fact you lied on your application and thus have an excuse not to pay.
  15. Well of course. However a minor offence isn't going to cause the claim to be denied outright.

    Solution to this is, of course, not to lie during the duty of disclosure.
  16. .

    +1. Mind you, it's easy for me as I've only ever had one point and one claim on the bike, so it's easy for me.

    However, MrsB collects government sponsored portrait phots at an impressive rate and I tend to lose track, so if I'm having her added to one of my policies I take a rough, conservative guess at numbers and dates. If there's ever a problem, there won't be anything undeclared. The dates might be a bit wobbly though. I figure that, if it's obvious there's been no attempt to defraud, it'll be arguable in court if it comes to it.

  17. This is in a state that put the location of it's speed cameras on the news the night before.
  18. Neither of us bothers to look. The uncertainty adds a certain piquancy to life :D.

    Besides, since the locations given could often apply to several km of road and since the cameras can appear at places that haven't been announced, the practice is nowhere near as helpful as it might seem.
  19. any idea how long your driving record sticks around for?

    a mate who is an idiot got the same thing done, wrote a new bike off, and they wanted his record. then increased excess from $400 to $4500 based on his record.
  20. Insurance usually ask for 3 or 5 years history when you sign up.
    As for your Official Record of offences with VicPol i don't think it ever is truly clean, even when you get your points back but not too sure on that one.