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[VIC] Instructed Ride to Toolangi, Sun Dec 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mark McGuire

    The Shire of Yarra Ranges, Road Safety Committee "Roadwise" will once again be conducting instructed rides between October
    2006 through to April 2007.

    The rides are:

    Saturday 11th November 2006
    Sunday 11th February 2007
    Saturday 21st ...

    ... more

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  2. Was wondering anyone from NR went for this instructed ride to Toolangi today? I have lots of fun and learn a few new things.... had a bit of a wet morning Dandenong ranges but the rest of the day was good... 100% worth going and strongly recommended to all the new riders or returning riders...

    I will definately book the Reefton one..
  3. Cash,

    I've heard nothing but good stuff about these, always wanted to go but is almost a ride in itself to get there from my place.

    I wish they did them on the GOR

  4. I was there. Black GSXR 1000. That was good fun. The tips they give for road craft while following you is of good value. Our ride leader said go as fast as you like as long as you're willing to cop the consequences. And how good was that bbq lunch for $6??
  5. Ahhh.. jbray.. you were there too... obviously you are in the fast group.. bigger bikes.. I think I saw that GSXR but dunno who the rider was.. Didn't intro myself to everyone...

    I was on my yellow Kwaka ZXR250... You are quite right.. the BBQ was a ripper.. the best fun was after the BBQ... twisty...

    I got left behind with an instructor and a marshal at the BBQ place while trying to get my bike to start.. probably flooded the carby somehow.. after I got my bike going again.. I've got the chum creek rd by myself... the instructor was following behind me.. ha.. that was fun..

    Rev, pity you couldn't go.. very well organised and marshals pointing direction every junctions.. the ride was fantastic and definitely learn a lot of real life stuff...
  6. Hey guys I went as well, what a hoot. Going up through the forest to Toolangi, first big ride, second day on the new (for me) bike, it was a great way to start riding. I was on the red FXZ250.

    I did the HART two day learner course back in October which was good, but I reckon I learnt it all again twice over yesterday.

    I'll probably wait a bit before I tackle Reefton, get a few k's under the belt.

    See you out there
  7. Ah yes, was looking at that Zeal, brought back memories. Best looking 250 out there in my opinion. And they certainly go alright when wound out as well :)
  8. I was up there as well. Bloody clutch cable almost didn't last it out though. Felt something funny when changing gear after lunch, but didn't check it fully till I got home. It is hanging on by three wire strands!

    It was a good day though, but I didn't like the way they said 'well those that went to HART will know this, but the others, well...'. I have been very happy with both MTA and Stay Upright where I have done courses and the instructors on the ride couldn't fault my technique so... Less bashing of the competition please.
  9. Treffynnon, that's scary about the clutch cable.. what bike do you ride? Where did you sit at the BBQ?

    I remember John but not you...

    Anyway.. here is the only photo I've got.. send to me by someone..
    I forgot to bring my camera.

    I've already booked in for the Reefton.. See you guys there.
  10. I ride a red GPX250, still on Ls. I was sitting up the back at the BBQ for a short while. But I had to check out all the Lancias up there so buggered off for a wander round pretty quickly. Spent most of the rest of lunch chatting to the bloke on the postie bike and his very interesting stories about his travels.
  11. ahhh.. yes.. I remember seeing that one.. but didn't know who the owner is..

    Yeah.. that bloke on a CT110 postie bike was cool... One of the instructor had to escort him to the servo when we were stopping half way through..

    The Lancias were cool.. especially the yellow one..

    Treffynnon, you going to the Reefton one? you would have got the license by then?
  12. I should have my licence by then dunno what I am up to around then though so not sure about the ride.

    Yeah that HF Integrale Evo was a very nice example. I still contest they are the greatest rally car of all time, winning a large number of consecutive WRCs. A real shame they were never brought out to Australia. I looked at importing one with my father awhile back, but it was just a bit too expensive once parts were factored in. We had the four door sedan (non-turbo unfortunately) version of the car whilst we lived in Scotland.

    It would have really topped my day off to see a Lancia Stratos there, but that would just be asking for too much! :)
  13. Mark has sent me some additional photos..

    I've uploaded HERE

    Can see John there checking out his Zeal... :LOL:, and also is that you, Treffynnon in the first picture with the black and red jacket?
  14. Sure looks like it. In fact I think I remember that being taken.
  15. Yeah.. in that case, I remember you .. you are the quiet young chap... next to the yellow hyosung dude.. very nice guy tho...