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[VIC] Instructed Reefton Ride, Sat Feb 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Richard

    Yarra Ranges Shire Council

    Topics covered on the Instructed Ride
    The rides covers the following topics:
    *Taking care of your bike - roadworthiness
    *Bike set-up - brakes, clutch, chain, lights, cables, mirrors, tyres, suspension.
    *Throttle contro...

    ... more

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  2. Is anyone else going?
  3. It's well worth it.

    I was lucky enough to be on the very first one... and I did a second one soon after... years ago... I'm sure it's more refined by now...

    If you've never done these yarra ranges roads before, it's a fantastic way to be introduced to them...
  4. Oh I'm planning on going, and I have been to the Yarra Ranges a few times before.
    Just wondering if I can expect to see any other Netriders on the day.
  5. This is an excellent opportunity for those who haven't travelled these roads before to have a go & even if you have, you'll get some great advice & encouragement.

    Go on - you know you want to :)
  6. Hey,

    Id love to go! where do I sign! Ive never been on the spur before but Ive had my full licence for about six months now.... Im still on restrictions, does that stop me from coming along or is it only people on their L's that cant come?

    Let me know where to sign up and Ill be there!
  7. When I went there were L riders on the Reefton run - but they really shouldn't come unless they're quite experienced. Ours weren't unfortunately, which meant a lot less attention paid to the rest of us.

    But otherwise it was a good day, and they have some useful pointers for new riders and a safe introduction to the Spurs.
  8. yeah sounds good. if i can find the cash ill be there.