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[VIC] Impromptu Bacchus-Kyneton-Daylesford run, Sun Oct 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim

    Just like the title says. I'm going, anyone who wants to come along is welcome.

    I'm planning to hit the Westgate bridge KFC for fuel at 10am - anyone wanting to mee there should arrange it by message to "Maestro".

    Meet 2 is at Bacchus Maccas/Serv...

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  2. Would love to come but have other commitments for Sunday - riding and others. Maybe next time.... Have fun, should be a great day for it.
  3. i think ive done enough country riding this weekend ;) have fun and watch out for police (school holidays!) and snakes :shock:
  4. Snakes?? :shock: What the..??
  5. Well, I'm off to bed - so far tomorrow's looking like a solo run but I'll check mesages in the morning.

    The bike's looking much better after a wash today :)

    For anybody who thinks of coming, why not take down my mobile number just in case - 0425798648
  6. yesterday, riding around the back blocks near ararat i saw 4 snakes!
  7. unofficial ride allright, no one turned up! instead i nearly went for a ride with Victorian masonic motorcycle club :shock: i was going to go until some cock breath on a zx9 advised me that this was not the ride for me.i make the best of a bad situation, until someone judges me. :evil: what a way to attract new members. oh well day is not lost, probally go for a ride to king lake and refton.
  8. Wish I had of checked the forums a little more closely before leaving HQ - I reckon I might have almost ridden past you (think it was around 10ish when I hit Westgate). Another time perhaps :).
  9. maybe you didnt have the masonic "secret handshake" down pat! :wink:
  10. Like there isn't enough too look out for on the roads, lol!
  11. ... Actually ...

    (please bear in mind I didnt get any messages or SMSes by 10am, didnt see anyone seperate at westgate and thought I was facing a solo run)

    I actually went with the VMMA group instead! Spotted their mob about to head off from westgate at 10am, waved stopped and introduced myself, and we were off! We passed Gisborne and Bacchus, had a pub lunch in Ballan.