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[VIC] Icicle Ride ReRun, Sun Sep 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: GreyBM

    Date: Sunday 14 Sep 2008
    Time: 8:30 am meet for 9:00 am start
    Address:(BP?)Service Centre, Cnr Dandenong-Hasting Road and Thompsons Road Lyndhurst (Melways ref 128 K8)

    BMWMCCVic is holding a rerun of its Icicle ride and has invited Clubs who wen...

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  2. I'm afraid I won't be attending this one.

    Not without a substantial amount of heckling, anyway! :LOL:
  3. I'm in :)

    It was a great ride on the night, and like you said, it will be great to ride it during the day. I really hope it doesn't rain though (twisty bits arent nice in the rain - especially the Arthur's seat ones).
  4. Count me in too. Thanks again GreyBM.
  5. I missed the first because I was out of town -- will be very keen on attending this one with the significant other!
  6. Bad luck as it looks like his ride is gonna clash with Skuffies one to Dargo that weekend.
    Bummer!! ](*,)
    Never mind next year I can enjoy not knowing where the bloody hell I am for most of the night on next years Icicle Run.

    Anyhoo have fun fellas
  7. Dragging this thread up a little higher in the forum....

    OK. So I am planning to go again and check it out in daylight. LizzM will probably come subject to weather.

    Who else is coming?
  8. Me, probably.

    Back on the road with a SV650 after a couple of years not riding. Will be taking it easy.
  9. Easy is good. I won't be pushing hard.

    There was quite a bit of cruisy roads quite suitable for anyone of any standard. The curvy bits should be fine if you take them at your own speed.
  10. Suppose i had better come along. Cannot have you having all the fun.
  11. I'm still in. I'm looking forward to it.
  12. For those who weren't there on the night, I've taken this from the BMWMCCVic website:

    Assemble at the Lyndhurst departure point at 8.30 am for an 8.50 am ride briefing and 9.00 am departure. The ride will track via Pearcedale, Hastings, Arthur’s Seat, through Flinders onto morning tea at Balnarring. We will then head north through Tooradin, Bayles, Heath Hill, Druin and Jindivick onto lunch at the Longwarry servo and fuel up if necessary. The ride will then take in Packenham, Cockatoo, Berwick before heading to Beach Road Mordialloc where the ride will end.

    The ride is approximately 370km.

    Don't know about your tanks but at 370 km I suspect the optional fuel up will be necessary for me.
  13. Looking forward to it, thanks GreyBM.
  14. GreyBM, if your in Preston do you want to team up to ride across to start point?
  15. Rod, I live in Preston but will be coming from Altona on the day. I'll be coming over Westgate and heading straight out the Monash. If you are going via the Monash and heading in via CityLink to get to it we could meet at the Westgate Shell servo (North side) where they join if you like. You'd have to do a little loop round Todd Rd off the freeway and back on but no biggie.

    Takes nearly an hour to get to Lyndhurst from there at legal speeds (I have never been sure about speed cameras on the Monash) so would need to meet about 7:30 ish.

    That would also probably be a convenient meet point for others with suburbs listed except Galex, not sure how you are planning to get there but I suspect it would be backtracking for you.
  16. Yes, it's about 30 min for me. South a bit on the Nepean then across to the Frankston freeway, off at Thompsons road and then a short trip to Lyndhurst. (I live about 5 min from the finish). I guess I'll meet you at the start.
  17. see you at the Westgate Shell servo (North side)

    Looking forward to it.
  18. Will be interesting to see if Netrider can continue with the most club riders there on the Daylight run.

    I'll be off to Dargo with Sir Skuffman and co, but wish you all the best. Stay safe and all come home in one piece.

    Have fun

    Cam :biker:
  19. CFVFR
    Given that BMWMCCVic doesn't normally get other clubs turning up to its rides I reckon we stand a good chance of being the largest visiting contingent, once again.

    I'll certainly be letting them know that Netrider is there in force again.

    Have fun on the Dargo run.
  20. See you at the servo guys.