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[VIC] Icicle Ride Participants Pizza night , Sat Jul 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Vic

    Folks, whilst it is still fresh in my mind,

    Those 14 that attended this years icicle ride are invited to a pizza night as a thank you for participating in this years event that saw us take out the most club attendance for 3 years now.

    Those tha...

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  2. I will be attending :)
  3. Icicle pizzas. MMMmmmmmmm.

    LizzyM and I will be there.
  4. Awesome. Should be home for this.

    Then town for lots of drinks.
  5. Sorry Cam, we deferred the event so that you could be there, but the condition is that you're the designated driver. :LOL:
  6. I'll be there

    bourbon goes with pizza, right!? :grin:
  7. Bourbon goes with olives, Bourbon goes with mozzarela, Bourbon goes with anchovies.

    I guess it goes with pizza.
  8. Anyone know of a pub near by? Need to go for lots of drinks after.
  9. Arg, didn't see we have to RSVP, I'll check if I can make it. What time tomorrow night?
  10. You mean after the pub!?? :? - there's a few around.

    It's Port Melb. after all. Bay St, Graham St etc :grin:
  11. Any idea on a time?
  12. 7:30Pm From what I remember correct me if I am wrong ?
  13. 7.30 is good ;)
  14. Bugger... I'm same as Spawn, didn't see I had to RSVP (shows how much attention I pay!)

    Am I too late? (last minute male here...) :LOL:
  15. :beer:

    Thanks Vic and Jason for a great night...GreyBM and I enjoyed catching up with a few old faces and saying hello to a few new ones too.
    Hope those that partied on did Netrider proud... :LOL: