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[VIC] Hughie Hoare Memorial Race Weekend, Sun Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Susan Edwards

    Saturday December 1st & Sunday December 2nd

    Broadford Road Race Circuit


    See Australia's top road racers compete in 3/4 hour endurance races.

    Sprint races for all classes

    Final round of the Victorian Junior Road Race ...

    ... more

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  3. Thanks Cazv1. I am going to this one, fersure.
  4. I might pop up for a gander myself :)
    not too sure about the camping thing though, I'll probably just duck up on Sunday.
    See ewes there aVXemQJ.
  5. Race 2 Highlights are in the Media section.

    Come down guys, great weather for it!

    Catering onsite, good coffee (really!), great racing and FREE entry.
  6. Sounds easy doesn't it? Race for 45mins and add a lap. I mean, what can be hard about that?

    I suppose that after 4 other races, 2 qualifying sessions and a weekend of 30 degrees, it all adds up.

    My plan was simple. Ride the 45mins at a steady and consistent pace and accumulate laps. My plan lasted 2mins.

    Exiting turn 1, I had the most amazing lurid slide, flung me over the top of the bike and looking down at the front fairing. I slide back onto the seat, regained composure, waved my hand in apology to the following rider and then set down for 45mins of racing with the rear tyre that was complaining about right handers. A pity that Broadford is a right hand circuit then.

    My goal of gentle 1:08's didn't work either. I did a few 66s laps and the rest were 67's. My last 20 laps were all within the 1:07 range.

    Mid race, I signalled to Liz that my pit stop was 2, then 1 lap away. Pulling into the pit lane, I did the dead stop, selected 6th :oops: , then went back to 1st before pulling up to Liz, getting the Camelbak tube back into my mouth and then guzzling half the contents, before ambling down the pit lane and being waved on circuit. Compulsory 30s stop completed, just another 20 odd minutes left.

    And so it went on, counting the laps and the time down.

    The relief at seeing the Last Lap board was immense. I have never been so knackered in my life.

    I completed about 39 laps, or just under 80km. But to do it at race pace for such a period of time was totally draining. And rewarding!

    To think that a Motogp race is at least 45mins. At the absolute limit on bikes that generate massive forces. And that's at the end of a weekend where they have ridden at 10/10 for 3hrs already.

    And World Superbike? They get to play for 45mins, TWICE!!

    Hats off to everyone who attended the weekend activities but especially the flaggies, the organisers and the event officials, all of whom are volunteers who spend their weekends setting up, officiating, helping, just so that people like me can go racing. Thanks!
  7. Keep at it cj, you will soon beat the 400s. Only the guns are beating you these days. What are your plans for next year?
  8. Well done Cejay - that's quite a feat.

    :applause: :applause:
  9. Well done Cejay. Good job saving it in the first two minutes by the sound of it. That would have been disappointing. So you didn't go slicks for the Sunday then?

    Folks, Cejay was giving it heaps on Saturday. That right side of his tyre gave him trouble then as well. There is a difference between power slides and "Oh shit, what is the back end doing!" :shock:

    Sorry I couldn't make it to the Sunday session. My ride went later than expected. I'll see you on the track next year. (Err, no, not racing. No, I don't think so. Maybe. Nah. That would be silly. Hmmm.) :grin:
  10. Great stuff CJ.

    Can I ask if you follow some sort of fitness program?
  11. Eat drink and be merry?

    No, not really. I walk a little (with my dogs around the Lilydale Lake) every day, gym 3-4 times a week, occasional mtb @ Lysterfield, cycle to work when I can. But I am 40...

    The physical exertion is not that bad. It was hot and that didn't help, but riding at that pace for 45 odd minutes is something I'd never done before.

    For me, the mental pressure was far more than the physical pressure. As I said, sounds simple doesn't it? But go find your favourite road and set of corners and ride it as fast as you possibly dare, then repeat, stopping for 30s to drink a little water. Oh, then throw in some Sunday racers to add to the mix, get overtaken and overtake yourself...
  12. I have raced pushies at 160heart rate for 60mins plus 3 laps :wink: Riding motorbikes is easy! :wink:

    That's why I asked about the fitness program. :wink:
  13. Good, so we'll see you at next years event then. It'll be a doddle and you'll clean up. Maybe you can share the $600 winnings as well?
  14. At this stage CJ I have no interest in racing, after 15yrs of competitive sport I haven't got the drive to try to win anything any more(and I'm not fast enough on a motorbike anyway! :( ) Yet :wink: . All my sporting goals have been realised, lucky me. But I'm sure that will change again in the future and when it does I will be there with bells on bumping fairings with you. :grin:

    I didn't mean to belittle what you are doing/did on the weekend, please don't take it that way, that's not what I meant. But by the sound of it you hadn't really physically prepared yourself for the endurance event.
  15. Deleted
  16. Sorry mate :wink:
  17. I finished 7th out of 26, 5 secs behind 4th place with 40 laps down!

    The next 3 finishers were all 2 rider teams, with 3rd and 1st being 125GP bikes, but single riders. The 125's are berluddy hard to ride, so doing one of them for 43 laps would be fun!

    Jed Metcher won the event, with Steve Tozer and Wayne Forest 2nd on their 400. Steve is a grade A racer and very very quick. Third was Mark Wilkinson on his 125, again, another single rider. Congrats to all of them, especially Steve who's an old (but quick) bugger!

    What's really annoying is that 4th was in my grasp but Lisa Brothers/Russell Baker overtook me on the 3rd to last lap, followed quickly by Michael Halliday/Richard Marrochini. The SV is quick in a straight line and stops well, but the 400's are so nimble. Stay in front on the straight and they can't take advantage of their superior handling.

    I seemed to be racing with those riders all weekend, their fastest laps are fractions quicker than mine and over 4 or 5 laps their sequences of laps were better, but I always found myself coming back at them during an 8 lapper.

    I'd love to see what a genuine racer would do on my bike, I'm sure they'd be at least a second or two quicker.
  18. Sounds like you had fun Cejay, I wanted to come down for a look but something came up at home. When is the next one? :)
  19. I believe the next event is the Vic Road Race Champs, Rd 1 on the 9th and 10th February. My birthday!
  20. First Session

    Times are now available too:

    Lap 1 01:16.1
    Lap 2 01:08.7
    Lap 3 01:08.2
    Lap 4 01:08.5
    Lap 5 01:07.6
    Lap 6 01:08.3
    Lap 7 01:08.0
    Lap 8 01:07.9
    Lap 9 01:07.5
    Lap 10 01:07.6
    Lap 11 01:06.4
    Lap 12 01:07.4
    Lap 13 01:08.1
    Lap 14 01:08.2
    Lap 15 01:06.9
    Lap 16 01:07.0
    Lap 17 01:07.1
    Lap 18 01:07.4
    Lap 19 01:08.4
    Lap 20 01:07.5
    Lap 21 01:07.9
    Lap 22 01:07.8
    Lap 23 01:07.0
    Lap 24 01:07.1
    Lap 25 01:46.0
    Lap 26 01:10.2
    Lap 27 01:07.4
    Lap 28 01:08.5
    Lap 29 01:07.6
    Lap 30 01:07.2
    Lap 31 01:07.0
    Lap 32 01:07.2
    Lap 33 01:07.0
    Lap 34 01:07.9
    Lap 35 01:07.1
    Lap 36 01:07.1
    Lap 37 01:07.8
    Lap 38 01:08.0
    Lap 39 01:07.3
    Lap 40 01:07.2