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[Vic] HRCA Ride Day Sat Sept 17 @ Phillip Island

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deyago, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Hi Sports Fans, it's that time again!! :biker:

    The Honda Rider's Club is holding another track day on Sat 17 Sept. $140 for members, $160 for non-members, $25 for spectators and pillions. Just so you don't ride to Broadford, its at Phillip Island (Thanks Dave :D ).

    It's a very fun day, I highly recommend it for people who want to ride a track but not have to worry about the wanna-be racers *Edit* (I've been thinking about that comment, it's wrong, everyone there is a wanna-be racer, it's a race track for Pete's sake, but you know what I mean... :D ). There is the added benefit of being able to sample Honda's finest bikes (except the Goldwing, they still wont hand one over for a test. :cry: ). For more specific info please follow the links first and if you can't get an answer then ask me and I'll help if I can.

    the last time we went and some pics

    So Far:
    Madmel (Pillion)
    Novacoder (falling for temptation)
    Bangr (coming to a street corner near you)
    Asto1 and The PIAM
    R1_Lover (can't wait to get into her pants....erm, I mean SHE can't wait to get into her new pants!) :D
    VTRElmarco and girlfriend with a camera, so don't suck guys.

    xxSteve (C'mon Steve! Steeeeeeve!)
    zx12r and wife

    Not allowed out, except with a note :p :
  2. Im assuming it's at PI Jake ?
  3. Ok, read the links now :oops:

    Might be interested, but probably better wait and see how many 'buddies' are going first (wouldn't want to displace a definite, only to decide that I can't make it).

    So, put me down as a maybe depending on numbers...
  4. Yup you can put me in as a definate Jake Baby !!
  5. Steve , are going to take the bird around the track or one of your others ?
  6. I think it would have to be the bird, the vtr might be flat out the whole track. But not really sure yet, would have preferred to have a few more k's under my belt, but I guess nothing can be safer than the track to really let rip.
  7. l might have to look into this one myself, the feeling of going around a track sounds pretty good to me.

    Will have to work on getting these leather pants fast
  8. Good on ya Julz :D . It's not a boys party afterall. Last time there would have been at least three female riders on various bikes within the groups. If you count pillions there were probably six or seven. 8)
  9. Well it wont be a fast session for me but l will certainly give it my best shot.

    Is there any professional photographers that get down there that day taking shots??
  10. Sydney riders will expect a blow-by-blow description and multitudes of pictures of various exploits and indiscretions!!!
  11. Not the day I went but it was raining a lot :( . Still, if xxsteve comes I'm sure he wont be able to stop himself from bringing his camera. :)
  12. Have a looksee at the pics from the first one. There's a stack that xxsteve gratiously took and even had a van as the Netrider support vehicle 8) . I'm on the VFR800 with the helmet the same as my avatar.
  13. Dam!!...would be good to get some really good shots. You think someone would do it get down there on these days.

    Ive seen some good shots come out of Darlinton park and think to myself..dam l gotta do that!!
  14. Hope the weather's a bit better for riding than it was that day, but we always used to like flat cloudy days for racing photography, because of the even contrast. Do Honda do a similar event in NSW?
  15. Yeah, they do. Just jump on the website and go to the events section and trawl around for the dates.

    Going into September the weather should be pretty good but I'm not putting the kybosh on and promising a sunny day! :LOL:
  16. Im allowed out , as long as i leave a note :shock: :LOL: .
  17. If there's room for more, can you add another rider (me) and a spectator (the wife). I figure as September 17th is my birthday that can be my birthday present to myself.. :D

  18. Couldnt ask for a better present than that steve..lol
  19. Hopefully the weather will be kind for some photography, I will be there even if I don't ride, and if I do ride looks like my daughter has a job for the day.

    Looks like we might get a good netrider turnout for this one.