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[VIC] How to spot unmarked police cars

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by markcpotter, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hello All,

    being new to Australia I have taken on board the very strict and precise approach to speeding in Vic.

    I understand there are also a lot of unmarked police cars around.

    For the newbie are there any tips to spotting these - Am I right in saying that two or three antennas on the roof is a sure sign?

    Anything else?

    Also are they usually a certain type of car and if so which?

    I was surprised to see a lime green V8 the other day in the CBD that I would have never have guessed would be the think the police would use.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

  2. Extra antennas are a good clue, but they can be seen in almost anything these days. We had some undercover police hanging around the mountains focusing on motorcyclists recently is a Hummer with chrome wheels, roll bars etc.

    Sometimes they are more obvious than others!

  3. A truckie accused me of being a cop, 'cause he noticed the UHF CB on my Tiger's handlebars. :cool:

    They're getting harder to spot now.

    Increasingly, they don't have external antennae.

    Beware of:
    * Excessively tinted windows (to hide the LED lightbars in the rear window)
    * LED lightbars in the rear window and dashboard.
    * Big chunky consoles on the dashboard (though everyone has a GPS these days)

    They used to only ever be Commodores, Falcons and maybe the odd Magna/380 bristling with antennae, but increasingly (in NSW at least) there are unmarked Land Rovers, utes, WRXs, Falcon XR6Ts, you name it. Even ones with P-plates. I wouldn't be surprised if Vic was the same.
  4. My experience - any car parked alongside the road especially if it has an occupant is potentially a camera car. These can be literally any kind of vehicle.

    Unmarked patrol cars are, more often than not, late model Commodores or Falcons, but there are no rules about this (I have been pulled in the past by WRX, Monaro and a even a Magna).

    On country roads, common sense may tell you whether a vehicle can be assumed to be a local or a patrol car, but the hard part is identification before a reading is taken. Caution is your only option.

    Don't forget there are unmarked bikes, too.
  5. I was going to suggest a can of paint and a good brush - but it would take too long. Buy a few of these instead and put them on.

    :grin: :p
  6. They are sneaker. fake snorkels on 4wd's being used to house flashes, even cameras etc.

    I have a simple philosophy. If there is ANYONE in sight, I dont fcuk around at all. Its not hard to find a backstreet or a decent country stretch at night to stretch the legs. Not that I would personally do that either.
  7. Quite straightforward to pick them from behind, not so easy from the front.

    The rear window will have and antenna in each top corner, also the tint will be quite dark. At the front, there is an LED bar in the bottom centre of the dash that houses the front lights. Since they went to hiding the radar unit within the front bodywork, you cannot pick that anymore.

    Also, the dead give-away is the driver.
  8. I see alot of plain cars with the lights sitting on the parcel shelf. Though usually there just cops on their way home an they give no fark for speeding, hell there usually 15ks over in the right hand lane.

    Any Clean newish car parked on the bottom of a hill is dead giveaway for a speed camera.
  9. LOl that WRX one is true..my mate told me this story that last time when he was in his skyline he was mucking around then he saw this white WRX and he started going fast and slowing down to see if the WRX wanted a challenge or something lol....then he said that they went down for quite a bit,he said he was infront of the WRX not by alot then sirens were coming from the WRX and lights were flashing and he got finned for reckless driving and speeding.
  10. The guy inside looks like a prick.
  11. yep, its fairly common knowledge they have at least one. i think the papers might have even mentioned they were using them for the blitz they were doing on the brighton area. Pretty sure I heard somewhere that someone ran up the back of one of the rexxes and totalled it.
  12. iirc it was the evo that got shortened.

    Look out for UTE's aswell. see them occasionally on the Eastern and the Geelong Freeway.
  13. You should have told him to pull over. Then when he does, you could prank him... pull on some rubber gloves and tell him to drop his strides... :smileysex:
  14. At least two Golf GTI's that i've heard of between NSW and Vic as well. Given they have a few marked brand new Evo's as well not unreasonable to expect a couple of unmarked ones.
  15. So all in all not very straight forward then!!!!!!!!

    Given the lack of tolerance to be over the speeding limit by any amount and also the amount of effort into catching anyone that dare do so (are they trying to turn everybody into criminals or something???).

    Were would I go for a ride where it might be possible to how should I say - stretch the bikes legs without losing my licence?

    Where I used to live there were known "biker runs" and the police more or less left you alone.

    I am told the Great Ocean Road is good as on the twisty sections the police can't even use a speed gun. Aside from that is the only option a track day or are there good roads and runs around that I need to find out about?

  16. track days.
  17. Cost money. :roll:

    Just go exploring, that's half the fun of motorcycling i reckon. Nth East Vic is the best place to start. The further out you go the more deserted the roads get. There's some real gems out that way, up through the ranges.
  18. We in SA usually find it rather easy to spot a cop / speed camera. %99 of the time it will be a white Commodore or a blue (I think? I'm colour blind, anyone able to help me out here?) 09 model Commodore.

    They don't seem to have caught on to the "buy an old bomb" or "import a sports car someone will want to race" thing yet.

    Granted, generally, if you spot a cop car / speed car, it's too late, you're done.

    But, if you're going 200+ km/h, and willing to risk it, if you know you've been busted, speed up. At that sort of speed, the speed car / cop would have to be doing f***ing warp speed to catch you, seeing they have to slow down, turn around, then speed up to a speed where they can approach you quickly.
  19. Oh, you can outrun a radio now eh?
  20. On a lot of speed camera's. The fixed ones anyway as far as I know. If you are doing in excess of 176km/h you are moving too fast for the lense to focus and catch your number plate.