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[Vic] How to spot an unmarked cop car.. now a shitfight

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Nakkas, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Ok boys and girls. I've had enough of forum members bitching about being done by unmarked cops. I always spot the unmarked cop so here's the guide.

    By shounak at 2007-09-01

    Always look out for the rear parking sensors on an executive Commodore or Falcon. Only the better models (Calais/Berlina) have parking sensors as standard (Acclaim might, but who cares).

    Holden genuine parking sensors on an executive Commodore is odd. That's the first sign it may be an unmarked.

    Second are the two antenna's on the top of the rear windscreen. These are too small to be bush basher ones and it's one too many for a car kit.

    By shounak at 2007-09-01

    Next thing are the two rear parcel shelf lights. They're blue and red and pretty damn hard to miss.

    By shounak at 2007-09-01

    It's a little harder from the front. At the base of the dash will be, what looks like a black bar. Unmarked coppers are usually in uniform, if they're the type to pull you over. They could also just be detectives enroute, but get worried if they're in uniform.

    So just look for the black bar (which will turn into multi coloured flashies) and uniforms.

    By shounak at 2007-09-01

    Last, but kinda least are the wheels. In the past, pretty much all unmarked cop cars had interceptors on the wheels. Now they're putting hubcabs over the interceptors.

    For those that don't know what ceptors are. They're just the standard steel wheels, in silver. They're one inch wider than normal wheels.

    Those are ceptors, but on a marked NSW Car..

    So just to recap..
    -parking sensors
    -multiple antenna's
    -parcel shelf lights
    -dash lights
    -interceptors (sometimes covered by hubcaps)
    -driven by uniforms

    Good luck
  2. good guide.
    ok 2 antenas = no overtakin (assuming this applies to NSW cars aswell?)
  3. Instead of 2 antenna's = no overtaking. Try, two antenna's = look for more stuff.

    Some cop cars are also becoming more creative with the strobes. Instead of two parcel shelf lights, they're putting thin strobes up the sides of the rear windscreen.

    About what they do in NSW, TWEET might be of some assistance there.
  4. I'll also add that some (maybe all?) unmarked cars get the heavy duty suspension, so if you see a povpak Commodore cornering well, beware.
    The interceptor rims tip is a good one, they fit wider tyres too(225 Vs 205?), so that is a bit of a giveaway from behind especially. That rear photo shows what I mean, tyre visible outside rear bumper.
    They also tend to sit a small amount lower than a base model too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Is that like the Black Holden ute I saw up at Deception Bay on Friday with tinted windows and a "The Cougar" sticker on the back window who had pulled over some poor blighter......Come to think of it...Deception Bay was probably appropriate for that kind of ute or ironic...lol
  6. I got done for an illegal overtake on the NSW Central Coast a couple of months ago

    "Drive Contrary to the Direction of Traffic Line Arrows" :shock:

    Silly thing was that I had just overtaken the copper, legally, 30 seconds before hand

    It was an undercover XR6 Turbo.
    Normally I would have noticed all the funky lights inside at night and realised, but here is the sneaky bit.

    They are using those black kiddy shades to cover the rear 2 passenger windows, so that when u get near u cant see inside, to all the rader, lights etc

    So watch out for new cars with kiddy shades, lesson learned here :(
  7. Re: [Vic] How to spot an unmarked cop car..

    Oh to be so young and cocky...... :wink:
  8. They're using the kiddie shades in the rear windows (to hide the lights) of the unmarked cars in Vic too.
  9. Made reference to this in a much earlier post. Have a mate from the UK that has sent me the radio shack diagrams for a GPS scanning device. It is perfectly legal in the sense it is not detecting any radar or laser emissions. Does not fall under any of the speed defeating or detection devices list. It simply lets you know when a particular GPS relay frequency is in proximity. The key is which frequency to listen too.

    Every police vehicle (not sure about bikes) has a GPS tracking system fitted, to assist with dispatch and distribution. This tracking device sends a radio signal to base, to tell it, its position. What you are getting is that signal. Effective range is about 2 kilometres in non- built up areas.
  10. That woudl be a pain, every second truck, luxury car and company car has a GPS device fitted now. But pretty good idea a though.
  11. I think the coppers use a certain frequency. So, this reciever would only be tuned to that frequency therefor it wont get set off by everyone elses GPS.

    Thats my understanding anyway.
  12. Not so. They use a specific frequency that is reserved for emergency services. So it may pick up Ambulances or Fire trucks if they have it. But no other vehicle has this feature. Even the satallite tracked cars and service that civlians use is a different frequency.

    I have the UK ones. Just need to verify the Aus ones.

    Know the company that provides the service.
  13. I'd say even that's a good thing, it'll let you know when cabbies are near ( :evil: ) and all the dumbasses who drive along staring at their GPS and playing with all buttons.
  14. fcuking good idea but use while you can, the rate that new laws are being made, they'll find a way illegalise it. how much are we talking for one of these? with the right instructions, it wouldnt be too hard to calibrate it to the right frequency.

    any late model ford, with the bonnet bulge (ie xr6t and xr8) i treat like a cop car till i get a good look. VE's are starting to come in as hwy cars now though, but at least there isnt as many of em around. not as distinct head light pattern though.
  15. As it is detecting a passive signal (not active like radar or laser etc.) it is not illegal. You can legally run a scanner to listen to police channels as well.

    Cost is about $80 for the board and components. Unfortunately the antenna is about $80 as well.
    Take about a day of soldering (for me anyway!).

    Alert can be a vibrator cell. Use the case of an old mobile phone.

    Would be interesting to construct.
  16. Most of the unmarkeds in VIC are SS commodores and XR Falcons. If its tinted windows, an SS or XR, and kiddy shades, approach with caution looking for the black bulge of lights in the rear window, or the black box of switches etc. on top of the dash.
  17. Re: [Vic] How to spot an unmarked cop car..

    I don't think you have posted anything that 99% of us don't already know.

    My response to you is that your post will benefit those walking past such
    vehicles. If it was as easy as you try to make it out to be, the cops wouldnt
    even bother having such vehicles to begin with.

    If you are able to not only process all the above in a split second, but in addition,
    have time to slow the bike to under the speed limit before passing such a
    vehicle, you are a super hero..

    Its not possible for most of us mere mortals; hence why you read such posts of
    others getting caught out.

    Hopefully you retain your super-human status otherwise one day we'll all
    be hearing of you coming unstuck in a bad way due to looking for all
    these tell-tale signs instead of the road in front of you.

    Good luck dosen't do it mate. :LOL:
  18. It always works for me when I see them from behind. The parking sensors are what always gives it away. I've hit the anchors quite a few times and chosen not to split past certain cars.

    I will say that picking one of these using the rear view mirror/side mirrors is next to impossible. That little black bar at the bottom of the windscreen is not an easy thing to pick.

    It's not about seeing all of the above, processing it and then BOOM, saved. It's more about seeing one of the things, looking a bit closer, processing some more and decide whether or not it's a cop.

    Anyway, I'm not saying that after reading my guide everyone will now become immune to getting done by cops. It's just a handy guide, which may or may not come in handy.
  19. Don't forgt the frangapanni stickers on the rear window!!! 2 cars had these on them up on the putty rd in 'operation sportsbike' :p
  20. There's an unmarked bogan ute here in Canberra too, a few people have seen it pulling people over on Tuggeranong Parkway.