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[Vic] - How to ruin a police career (cop over .05)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. From The Age online

    Caught out: senior cop busted for drink-driving
    Dan Oakes
    November 17, 2008 - 10:45AM
    A senior policeman believed to be from the unit responsible for developing drug and alcohol policies was caught drink-driving on Melbourne Cup Day.

    - Senior cop caught drink-driving
    - Believed to be member of drug unit
    - Tested .029 over legal limit

    The Age believes a senior sergeant from the Drug and Alcohol Strategy Unit was found to have a blood alcohol of .079 when he was tested on Elliott Avenue in Parkville, .029 over the legal limit.

    The penalty for such an offence is $330 and a six-month driving ban.

    "A Victoria Police senior sergeant who works in the VPC (Victoria Police Centre) was caught for driving while exceeding the prescribed blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit," a police spokesman said yesterday.

    "A penalty notice was issued and he 'will face internal disciplinary action as per usual procedure. The incident occurred on Elliott Avenue in Parkville on Melbourne Cup Day."

    The role of the Drug and Alcohol Strategy Unit is to co-ordinate the development and implementation of drug and alcohol policies, strategies and initiatives within Victoria Police
  2. Last round when a "cop busted" article came up https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=58626&highlight= (busted speeding well over limit) some argued that for every cop busted it was likely that police would cease to be "understanding".

    I stand by my original comment. Get on the Grosbys and suck it up. I have absolutely no time for people who drink and drive.
  3. Exactly. All should be treated the same for this offence. I think most police would have the same view as you. After all they are the ones who have to deal with drunk drivers and attend the mess they leave behind.
  4. Harsh; he was conducting research into what a durnk driver sounds like and drives like :LOL:.
  5. dont think drink drivers belong on the road.
    but wasnt the old limit 0.08

    he just be under a few years ago, yes?
    cant be too harsh.

    (maybe im just felling sympathetic cause i got let of +20km over on Double demrits by a highway patrol once)
  6. Do you mean no-one should be above the law?

    Or there is no 'level' of guilt with a drink driving offence, ie. low-range and high-range should be treated as the same?
  7. His problem is that he's one of the guys who works in that area. That's the issue. Working in another area he'd be out of luck and a bit stupid - in this case he really should know a lot better what the results are if he gets caught.

    It's still .08 in many overseas jurisdictions - in some parts of the USA it's 0.1
  8. And it's never been anything higher than .05 here in Victoria.

    Anyway, what happened to the push for .00 for Victoria Police? Did this get in and was the cop in question on duty, or off duty (coming home from work, perhaps)?

    Whatever, it ain't a good look, especially when cops get done for speeding, when they constantly ram that crap down our throats.
  9. Absolutely no way he can explain his way out of it. Even if he wasn't working in the area, even if he wasn't in the force. He's more than 50% over the limit. It's not an issue of just one sip too much, so I disagree that "out of luck and a bit stupid" would have anything to do with it.
  10. No-one should be above the law.
  11. True, BUT, they never used to prosecute under .065% (1st offence only) and anything up to .1% could get a bond without any licence loss until the 'Daryl Somers' law came in. For those that recall Daryl received a bond for a reading just under .1% and it was front page headline news in the papers! The reality is that many people from all walks of life got a bond under similar circumstances but the government changed the law because a 'celebrity' appeared to get special treatment. (He didn't!) You now have the new law where you cannot even be .05% on the nose!
  12. BAC is a subjective quantity. I bet I could dive better pissed than some of my mates could sober.
    *EDIT- sorry, misread the question somehow. :oops:
  13. exactly how?

    he hasnt been let off.
    he's been given a TIN or whatever like joe blow who does the same, plus he's probably just f*cked his career, considering his current position in the force, and how related it is to the offence.

    im all for a lower BAC, .02, if not .00. drinking and riding/driving just isnt on as far as im concerned.
    i wish they would push this harder than speed limits.
    shame there's no money to be made with DUIs.

    ...or we could convince them to start issuing monetary fines for DUIs, more money for higher BAC. and back the f*ck down from the speed kills b/s :grin:
  14. It is, but your point is... what exactly? It is the law, and this cop is involved in ensuring compliance.

    Dive or drive? You need better mates if you travel with them and you honestly mean that.

    Umm... how?

    I agree completely. I love a beer on a sunny afternoon, but have no hesitation saying no if if have the bike out with me, and only ever have one light beer if driving. Not that hard really.
  15. I bet you couldn't.

    There's a joke doing that rounds about what alcohol does to you. Amongst others it:

    1. Enables you to sing like Kurt Kobain
    2. Gives you super-human kung fu abilities
    3. Turns you into Adonis - god's gift to women
    4. Makes you think that you can drive like Craig Lowndes.
    5. Enables you to speak fluent Swahili. Worry is that other drunks can understand you perfectly and you, them.
  16. So it's OK to accept the gift of a free flight to the USA from Qantas by claiming you're your husbands handbag and when the OPI determines you lied laugh it off but you're in big trouble when your 0.02 over the BAC limit :roll:
  17. The short answer is yes, until the law says that "flying on big Qantas jets for nix" kills.
  18. And it's more than 0.02 over.