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[VIC] How to get rid of dodgy custom plates?!?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by AhrimaaN, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. So I'm looking at a bike, and it has retarded custom plates... which are of course adding value (supposedly) to the bike. How much would it cost to get the bike a new plate that is just the standard vicroads assigned numbers/letters?

    Being that a custom plate is worth $500, surely I don't have to pony up $500 to get some dignity back? :-(

    e: haha got me
  2. perhaps edit the thread title to HOW to get rid of custom plates?
  3. Try and sell the plate, what is it?
    And apply to Vic roads. About 90 bux I think it is for standard issue plates.
  4. Use the VicRoads website. It is your friend for all licencing and registration questions.


    Number plate fees
    Number plate fees start at $29.20 for a pair of general issues plates, however VicRoads offers a variety of custom number plates. To view the variety of number plates available go to the number plate section of the VicRoads website.
  5. Changing it to a normal plate won't cost much - but if you can sell it then you could actually make some money - from the custom plates I've seen - the dodgier the plate the more you'll get for it... :LOL:

    What is it?
  6. DEFY :oops:


    How would I go about selling it then? I believe if I were to get a new rego I have to hand the plate back in??? how does that work? I have to have a buyer first before I get a standard rego?

    I've always wondered about this for the people that just have plates for sale on ebay etc.
  7. Put IT on eBay mate, some one will buy it! :LOL:


    Edited & added emoticons.
  8. why are you saying PLATES does vicroads give out two plates , one front and one on the back or do you get a spare one, so you can ride 2 bikes with the 1 rego :LOL:

  9. ?? used to cars I suppose.

    /pedant_insert :p
  10. Never mind, just found out the seller changed back to a standard plate this morning, and I didn't mention to him that I thought they were wank... Maybe he cottoned on!

    Haha ok well this should help me bargain down the price a little.
  11. Either that, or he's just read a whole page of discussion on NR about how you think his plates are gay :LOL:
  12. Quite possibly haha!
  13. Whiteout.

    Dries fast, cheap and if you get bored with your plate you can have a new one as often as you want.
  14. its only $26 if you want the same plate, if you want any rando one under the counts its $16.