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[VIC] How to get out of traffic offences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Shag the cop. Apparently it's perfectly acceptable.

  2. Hmmmmm..... Once again the ladies get away with it....... :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Hey there's gay cops out there too, so be careful when bending down to pick up your license that you dropped on the ground :wink:
  4. It's good to know what people would do to get out of trouble.
  5. hummm sounds more like they had a bit of a go and maybe he blew up in her ...
  6. Sounded like a happy ending :smileysex: until the Police got her again later on.

  7. There was also one from the inner suburbs who lost his job for a similar 'let off' and he didn't even shag the girl, she tape recorded the conversation and handed it in.
  8. I think the cop stalked and harassed the girl in that case, which makes it a bit different. Can't remember exactly, but I'm sure a google ninja will find the link.
  9. 10 points jd :)
  10. nobody can blame the guy for having a bit of a go, but taking someone home who you have let off some "serious" offences, even if its just an honestly good-natured break where an official caution was given, is just fcuking asking for it.

    Girls driving unregistered, drunk, refuses to get out of patrol car? Off she goes for the night. To the station. You'd think.


    She must have been well fit. My gosh. I bet she knew it.
  11. That, or the cop has done similar things in the past with the skankiest of women who aren't likely to complain in the morning - and only got caught out this time because the woman got busted by less corrupt cops the next morning.

  12. Once the jolly fat chick moves on he'll get his job back no worries.
  13. actually, for a jury to let him off, she musta been well classy (sarcasm).
  14. Bloody Victorian police.

    It's their solution to everything.

    'Just fire a few rounds into 'em...'
  15. :shock:

  16. current shortage in vic police, apparently there doing a big Rec rooting drive at the moment. there always looking for new recroots. My close mate is a cop and they will take advantage of anything and anyone to an extent :LOL:
  17. bad people everywhere :roll: even tho the cops take a oath of the law :roll:
  18. shortage everywhere, shits me that SAPOL/WAPOL are knocking locals back for the dumbest reasons and recruiting overseas.

    I know of someone who got knocked back, official reason was he didn't declare a registration warning (no fine) given to him 4 years previous. 4 years, he'd declared everything else. Theres a few rumours going around that they like people to apply at least twice to show commitment, personally I dont really buy it but "eh".

    Meanwhile we're recruiting overseas applicants, not recognising their prior learning/experience, and wondering why when the citizenships approved they leave after their minimum terms. Well gee whiz.
  19. I should qualify, personally I support any initiative that gets more police on the beat, but talking TO these people....I haven't heard one satisfied/positive comment yet.
  20. I thought they were all gay?