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[Vic.] How Long from Flash to cash?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tex, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. How long after seeing that infernal flash in my mirror should I expect to receive bad news in the mail?


  2. Damn :(

    Usually 2 weeks
  3. The 3 times that I've copped a camera fine it's always been around a week to receive the bill.
  4. Only seen it once - not a good feeling :( Mate, sorry to hear ...hopefully they didn't ping you for too much.
    In my case, it took around 1.5 weeks to receive the fine.
  5. I think they batch them. It seems to take 1 - 2 weeks. The you have 6 weeks to pay. ...so I have heard.

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  7. I got flashed twice at two separate locations, both around 10-15 over in the period of one week just after i had my r1 valves done and full service(was running real good)....that was 3 months ago and I have not received any fines....
  8. If you go back at night and smash the camera up (use ur imagination for methods) maybe you wont get a fine at all!
    Note that probability of success increases if you drive a pickup truck, talk like a yobbo, and have a few mates to help out.
  9. It's been over six weeks; am I in the clear?

    Tex :-s
  10. Could be. In NSW they don't always load them.
  11. Hmmm...got flashed yesterday - when I parked the bike in the garage, the ventura bag was fairly well obstructing the view of the plate... Fingers crossed
  12. Haven't received a fine on the bike before. Even though I've been flashed a few times before, the cops tend to mostly use vans with rear facing camera's up here :D

    Got one not long ago in the GF's car and that took about 3 weeks. Six weeks though.... sounds like your all good \\:D/
  13. The only time I got done by a fixed camera took near 2 months to come through.
    Then it was a hair dryer wielding cop at 6 am.

    The last one was a nice bright dazzling flash in my visor from the other side of the road :D (But I swear it was the driver behind me that set it off..... *rolls eyes*)
  14. all sounding good - so long ago!
  15. i got flashed about 10kmh over and never got a fine in the mail over a year ago