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[Vic] How do you "relate to the TAC"?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I and the MRA Board have been invited to meet with the CEO and senior management of the TAC in March (the date is yet to be set, but the invitation has been made by TAC and it will be acted upon).

    At that meeting we hope to present them with information about how they can improve their communications with the Motorcycle community.

    What I need is to know what your feelings are towards the messages they are communicating and how you relate to them.

    I intend to write a paper on this subject that we will use as the basis for our discussion with TAC and I need to confirm my theories via anecdotal evidence and feedback from other riders.

    NOTE - TAC bashing will be ignored. I need honest feelings and attitudes towards the messages that the TAC is using now. Do they work for you? Do you think they include you? Are they using the right language? Are they using the right people to communicate their message? etc
  2. I don't think I've come across any of the 'messages they are communicating', aside from a billboard or two (which I don't even remember that well).

    Might have a look through their Youtube channel and get back to you.
  3. Of their billboards - did anything resonate at the time? Is there any reason why you can't remember them well?
  4. john, is it possible you could also look through the thread posted on here in regards to the last advertising campaign.
  5. I have seen a couple of Billboards like the gloves one with bones hanging out and the fact that m/c's are X times more likely to be injured when involved in an accident. Methinks....that's why I wear the farkin gloves isn't it, not to keep the heat out. More likely to be involved in serious injury in the event of an "event"...gosh you mean when the human body comes into contact with an immovable object at speed it gets injured...Shite! TAC can't convince anyone on the road to modify their habits no matter what they drive. Witness the appalling loss of young life in stupid high speed accidents. My old grandaddy used to tread softly and carry a big stick. Motorcyclists are ACUTELY aware of other road users because the present a threat to longevity of life. Other road users are ACUTELY unaware of motorcyclists because they offer no threat whatsoever-human nature. You'd be surprised how more well mannered tintops are in my near vicinity when I am towing the little Kamparoo behind the beemer. I look as big as them and they see me as a threat. Got lotsa other ideas but don't wanna clog up cyberspace......
  6. For what it's worth, and I'm not sure how relevant it is, but the billboard signs regarding motorbike awareness have stuck in my mind, particularly the one regarding the safety gear with the guy all torn up on it. I relate to that for the obvious reason, eg that could be me...

    Of some what different relevance, my girlfriend (who is not a motorcyclist and got her car L's a few weeks ago) remembers seeing the signs, and remembers the general idea, but not specifically what they said. She also remember the one that reminds you to look for motorbikes, then one where they pull out and hit the bikie...

    In regards to her learners test, she does not remember seeing anything at all to do with motorbike riders. Cyclists, yes, motorbikes, no.

    Other than that and a few TV adds which I've not seen in a while I can't think of any other form of communication they've had with me.

    Hope it helps even if not much...
  7. Yes Thera, I will do that.

    But, I'm after some specific feelings here. The thread about the last advertising campaign did bring out some issues. But, I'm after something more specific - i.e. answers to the questions I asked above.

    I know it may sound like I'm asking people to repeat themselves - but I just need some specific quotes about how riders like you feel about the TAC and the way they communicate with you.

    Expressing something about the last advertising campaign would add to the list - and I will go back and research that thread again. I would prefer to get fresh responses.
  8. So after all that - could the TAC be using better ways to communicate with you? Could they be using different words? Are they using language you relate to? are there more important message they could be sending?
  9. This is exactly the kind of response I am after.

    More please....
  10. All good mate, Sort of clarification I was after.
  11. TAC come across as totally unsympathetic towards riders and the tone of the ads aimed at us is often hostile. They seem mainly interested in reducing their liability.
    Their ads seem to have the demographic wrong. Maybe that reflects the accident figures but most of the riders I see are older, on expensive bikes and ride very well (if a little quickly at times).
    I suppose if your not a good rider you won't last long on a bike and TAC mainly see those that get filtered out. (There are old riders and bold riders but not many old, bold riders sort of thing).
  12. My relation with the TAC consists of them taking a bunch of my money every year to offer a service that is covered by my private health insurance anyway, and is thus of literally zero value to me.

    Thus, I'd love to see the levy waived for persons with private health insurance.

    As mentioned by another poster, it'd be nice to see them drop the hostile attitude towards the people they forcibly take money from.
  13. Ok John, IMHO ;)

    • Contributory Negligence - If a rider complies with the law regarding protective covering that should be the end of it. It is not TACS role to unfairly penalise riders if they were in compliance with the law. They can lobby if they wish the law to change just like the rest of us.
    • Financial Mismanagement - They should not be speculating with what is our money, Net Loss 2008 517M. Net Loss 2009 970M. TAC Annual Report (PDF)
    • Failure to comply with standards in tender letting. (The Age - $2M Contract furore)
    • Failure to live up to their mandated philosophy "ensure appropriate compensation is delivered in the most socially and economically appropriate manner and expeditiously as possible;" they seem to have fastened on the economics part to the exclusion of the rest.
    • Recent advertising campaigns. - Some of these have been frankly offensive to riders. Others such as the where appropriate protective clothing better targeted.

    So in short I believe they have little regard from the motorcycle community at the moment. They will need to do a lot of work to get their own house in order both philosophically and financially. They will need to stop patronising riders with ill conceived messages. And they need to reach out to interact with the community more.Perhaps this is a first step, it is a long path ahead for them.
  14. I'd like to see an add campaign that says

    'motorcycle riders are 10 times more likely to get themselves rider training'
    'motorcycle riders are 5 times more likely to get themselves advanced training'
    or how about
    'motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to avoid an accident'

    (I've pulled those figures from my arse by the way, so if they wish to know my source, they'll need to look for themselves)

    Every day you can turn on the radio during peak hour and listen to how many cars have crashed into each other, on the odd occasion they'll mention a bike was involved.
    And that's just for a couple of hours each day, and they only report the ones that are effecting traffic flow.

    If we were involved in as many accidents as the cagers we'd put the TAC out of business in a year. Do they give a f**k? Oh nooooo they do not. 'Riders are 34 times more likely to be seriously injured'.... well f@cking der. That's the reason we spend so much time trying to avoid accidents in the first place. You've only got to go over to the Near Miss/Vent Forum to see we're not too bad at either.

    How about they take my fifty dollars and inject it into rider training? I'd classify that as spending it on my community. But when they use it to 'upgrade a road' that was Vicroad's responsibility to begin with, I feel like it's been stolen and squandered.
  15. Guys, this is all excellent stuff.

    The $50 levy isn't what the TAC are spending to communicate with you BTW. Many ad campaigns come straight out of the general fund - not the levy.

    So - in a nutshell, I am asking about the way they go about communicating with you and whether you relate to it etc.

    Keep the comments coming, I've already seen a couple of quotes that I will be able to use.
  16. After their last idiotic campaign where they insulted our intelligence I have nothing at all to say to those retards.
  17. OK - I did say TAC bashing would be ignored, but I detect that you have more to say, and I want to hear it.

    For the record - so I can quote you - can you explain why you felt that they insulted your intelligence? It would help me, and save me a lot of trawling back through the TAC Ad campaign thread.

    Anyone else want to add a remark? I need to hear what you think. I have my own hypothesis and hearing your remarks is helping me to more clearly define my own ideas.
  18. #18 коннор, Feb 20, 2010
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    What about one which goes:

    "__% of riders participate in extra training. Are you one of them?"

    That has a more positive tone, is simple, and does assume the viewer has or hasn't done something. Also, I seem to remember something about saying other people do __x__ increasing the chances that an individual will do __x__. And it has a bit of crossover to drivers

    I notice that in zRpNirJfuzs[/media]]one of their ads they have the motorcyclist coming off as he looks down at his instrumentation. Checking his speed, perhaps? :p

    The other two from their 'Latest Campaigns' are just about protective gear. Considering that the first thing I bought was the good 'ol PPE, those are simply irrelevant to me. But I didn't notice anything I flagged as objectionable.

    I think I tended to tune out a bit while they were running. Which is probably due to me not being from their target audience, so the content of the ads is old news.
  19. I don't own a motorcycle, I don't even live in Victoria.

    But, from many years ago, growing up in the UK, there is one ad campaign which sticks in my mind. It was aimed at car drivers, and was trying to make them more "aware" of motorcycles, and also aimed at bikers, teaching them how to be visible.

    Basically it was shot from a driver's perspective, looking in the mirrors and the bike moving across his vision. "now you see him, now you don't... now you see him, now you don't..." went the voice over. Then the car driver changed lanes taking out the motorcyclist. cut to bike on it's side and motorcyclist lying on the road still, with the voiceover going "NOW you see him, NOW YOU SEE HIM" I think the slogan they used with the campaign was "think bike". The general message was to encourage drivers to look out for motorbikes, basically saying that regardless of who is at fault, you probably won't feel good about being in a crash where someone is killed because you didn't look.

    Almost trying to teach drivers to have the spidey sense secret ninja observational powers that riders develop to survive.

    hope this helps - it's an example of what I consider to be a very effective ad campaign. I remember it after around 20 years!
  20. They can fluff it up how they see fit, communicating politely isn't one of my strong points.

    The point I was trying to make and the issue i have is their focus on the negatives of riding, as well as focusing on negative riders. I know what the negatives are, more than they will ever know, more than their puppet doctor who's picking pieces of denim out of a rider will ever know.
    So they have no business trying to educate me about it. I know the risks and I choose to ride, they are the ones that need to come to terms with it because it's not going to change.

    What they don't seem to know is, for those of us who are riders for life we educate ourselves, we protect ourselves, and we make decisions for ourselves. If they want to know how we think, they should make the effort to come and talk to us, not talk at us.

    The unspoken rule between riders is we do not mention crashing while going for a ride. Everybody who throws a leg over is more than aware of the possibility, so to do so is to rob them of their pleasure. Yet these ****tards have the indecency to erect a massive billboard at the beginning of what is probably the largest group ride this state has, reminding everybody about crashing. They've broken cardinal rule #1. It's insulting, and shows their complete lack of understanding and regard for us.

    So good message or not, they can shove it till they learn to speak our language.