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VIC: How bad a puncture can be repaired?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by markcpotter, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering how bad a puncture can be repaired?

    I have a piece of metal in my tyre that is about 2cm long.

    Do you think this is repairable or is it new tyre time?

    Also anybody know anywhere in Melbourne Cbd that I would be best taking it to for the repair\new tyre that would be open on a Saturday.

  2. Bob jane in elizabeth st look after motorbike tyres. if you can take the tyre off the rim it usually only costs $10 for a mushroom plug.

    or maybe $25-50 if you take the wheel or bike in
  3. take a pic of it
  4. I'm glad you specified Victoria because you can't fix punctures in NSW. The air is thinner up here so it will escape through a much smaller hole.

  5. That must be a real nightmare as I understand you get a lot more punctures.

    Somebody told me NSW had a lot more pricks there?
  6. General Discussion??
    Doubt it.

    Careful, you risk your posts being removed if you dont take care where you are posting them.
  7. Sorry,

    I can't at the moment my PC is playing up and I am accessing this through my mobile (no camera on mobile)!

    The object is about 2cm long and in the middle of the tyre.

    Just not sure if this can be repaired or it is a new tyre?

  8. Post of the Week, Lilley :rofl:.
  9. last time i went to nsw i got a punture from running over a catseye, blew out the sidewall.

    never going back! you can keep your bad tasting water
  10. If its more than 6mm it is a throw away. Mine was 10mm and the tyre place wouldnt touch it as to many cords in the fabric layers have been cut.
  11. The length of the object is not important. The with of the hole it made is what will make the difference. A nail or screw in the middle of the tyre will be fine to repair. Anything much wider will be a problem and if it's on the side then forget it.
  12. I thought the reply to that by the OP was a lot better.
  13. Ended up not repairable so went with Dunlop Roadsmarts front and rear as the front didn't have too much left.

    As a side Peter Stevens had a good deal on a set of front and rear qualifiers at $400.

    Went with the roadsmarts though as I do a commute of 1,300km's a month so needed something that was going to last longer.