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[VIC] Hoon Blitz over August / September

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Conversation with a colleague who is a senior VICPOL member yesterday.

    There is an operation over the next month (so that is either now, August or September) that is aimed at targeting as much "hoon" behaviour as possible with absolute translation of the law.

    What he meant is that they obviously have a target to meet in order to show the public the impacts they are having on hoons. Apparently there have been masses of complaints from people about these behaviours! :roll:

    When I asked he said that they are specifically going to target bikes and high power cars. Especially popping mono's, side by side run-offs from the lights even if your not speeding, just accelerating hard :shock: and speeding of course.

    This new initiative will get patrols to first establish "regular" high speed and favourite routes. Then target over the next time period. He said they will even be pulling cars and bikes that have been identified in a previous time to be pulled and inspected. They will also doing the defect thing big time! :roll:

    Hence some advice, Don't ride the same route to work / rides. And stay vigilant!
  2. Mate, if they took my wheels away from me for this then I would be at my lawyers before they even had the bike locked up, and I would have ACA on the phone on my way there.
  3. I'd like to know who will be the arbiter of what constitutes hard acceleration.

    It's quite obvious that many car drivers get upset by the fact that bikes can accelerate away from the lights quicker than they can, so if it was up to them we'd all be put off the road. Are these the same people making 'masses of complaints'? Are we going to be victimised because of other people's ignorance?

    I think that the next few months may be a busy time for the Victorian lawyers who advertise in motorcycle magazines.
  4. Two seperate issues I can see.
    Monos, obvious. Your gone, and frankly if you do it in traffic tough!

    Side by side run-offs are a little more interesting.
    If you have lane split, and then do it, they could (probably) try a combination of the "hoon laws" and dangerous driving.
    If you just take off and cruise once at the speed limit, good luck booking you. I would suggest that all riders done for this (if the report is accurate) challenge it. I suspect after the first feware thrown out of court VICPOL will be wearing an egg mask and the issue would go away.
  5. We actually don't have such a thing here, there is a guy in NSW who advertises. Mmmm a "niche" market beckons.... :p
  6. I think he was hinting at the side by side take offs. From an observers view point it could be seen as trial or street racing. Its absoulte bullsh*t. :evil:
  7. Sorry, what he ment was when two bikes or cars accelarte hard away from the lights together.

    Eg. you filter to the front, so does another bike. Goes green and you both take off hard to clear traffic. Copper in an unmarked car pings both.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I still maintain that presuming both vehicles stopped accelerating once they reached the speed limit, the plod would be hard pressed to press charges. If both riders were in control, not hooning etc, they have broken no law. A favourite (stupid) stunt of mine years ago was to accelerate like a bat out of hell if there was a "plod car" beside me, then stop dead 2-3kmh below the speed limit. I've had a few over the years shoot past.... made them look like right twats (and probably me too now I think......).
  9. Thanks for the post, pro pilot.


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. side by side run offs ............is that another term for DRAG RACING .
  11. Nothing wrong with accelerating hard up to the posted speed limit.
  12. Now that statement is silly.... :grin:

    Your "discretion" went west with the .05 laws, the speeding laws etc....
    Remember the term "strict liabilty"? With these offences you have no discretion!
  13. Careful thats at least 5 instances of "agreeance"... :p
  14. No more than doing it on your own is a solo run.
  15. Hey folks.

    Victorian Police Association is mounting a campaign for pay rises, etc.. Consider this blitz and its appeal for public support in association....
  16. I had a thought the other day when taking off from the lights briskly. I saw myself from a cage perspective.. Before I got into bikes I didn't know that they were naturally faster off the line, and fast despite small engines. So when we take off quick from lights, most people would just assume we're 'fanging it', hooning, etc.

    They probably just see that to keep up with us, they have to get on the throttle pretty hard, so assume that we are hooning, whilst in reality we're just doing a casual take off..
  17. And wait til you ride something bigger than a 250 :p :grin: :grin:
  18. i would think as long as you keep traction both wheels on the ground and under the signed speed limit you would be hard pressed to be booked as u couldnt really be proven that u didnt have controll of your bike,

    and as there is nothing in any law that defines wat hard acceleration is. as it is a very varriable mesurement and no way of a cop detecting it.

    most likely if u go hard an under the limit an they wana get ya they will try get ya for noise pollution or sumtin bogus like that
  19. I am so ashamed , i must go and hand my licsense in tommorrow
    getting onto the freeway today , i went from 0-100 in 4 seconds, i feel like such a criminal, soon there will be wanted posters with my picture posted around the telegraph posts everywhere and a reward placed on my head. :p
    by the way , I was sms ' ing at the time and on the back wheel while on one foot on the footpeg :grin:
  20. G'day everyone,.....

    Naughty Naughty,..... [-X [-X

    (could'nt teach me how to do that could ya??)

    Dr Who?