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[VIC] Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza, 11th & 12th April

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: netrider

    Easter Weekend Saturday April 11 & Sunday April 12, 2009
    State Motorcycle Complex, Broadford, Vic
    - Celebrating historic (pre-1985) motorcycles of all types:
    Speedway - Road Bikes - Scramblers
    Trail Bikes - Enduro Bikes - Motocrossers
    Dirt Tracker...

    ... more

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  2. Who's going up for this and which day?

    I guess I'll pick the better day weather wise, which I think will be Sunday at this stage.

    As a first up suggestion, meet at Bell St Macca's (cnr of St Georges Rd) at 8am?

    What say thee?

    (oops, wonder if I should have put this in ride/event planner? I guess someone will tell me off if it's wrong :wink: )
  3. Can the powers-that-be please change the header to show Sat & Sunday.... thankyou :grin:

    EDIT: thanks :)
  4. I would love to go up and have a look see at this, but, it would have to be Saturday for me.....Easter and family stuff and all that on Sunday...

    If anyone is heading up Saturday and wants some company....

    *edit* I am going to head up there on Saturday to check it out (cleared with the Minister for all things domestic)..so if anyone else is going let me know
  5. I'd go but I don't wish to be threatened by the competitors :p
  6. I'll go as your bodyguard
  7. Are you going to head up the Hume, or go the back way through Whittlesea, Flowerdale etc?
  8. I was thinking of going up the old Hume, I could be interested in going through Flowerdale if the effects from the fires are over with.
  9. Is it free? I wont mind going for some photos
  10. took a few clicks to find the entry price.

    wonder how close to the track I can get to take photos
  11. The Speedway track is typical you are only a couple of metres from the outside edge.




    The Road Racing track is more difficult. There is really only limited viewing spots. You can see the whole track but you would need a 3000mm lens to photograph the back straight.

    This is 175mm



  12. Hi guys,

    im thinking of taking this route on saturday:


    basically up the maroondah hwy to alexandra, then onto the gouldbourn valley hwy to yea, off to the upper gourlbourn road at tarwool, then onto to the hume for the rest to broadford.

    between healsville and taggerty is all fire affected, but the roads arent closed according to vicroads website.

    http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/CA256F310024B628/0/EF0814A2D9A1BC02CA257590000E9163/$File/KilmoreEastMurrindindiOverview_20090406.pdf (dse fire map)

    Anyone is welcome to come along, keep in mind im on a 250 and just off my L's so i wont be going at a bilstering pace. ie class 2.5 type ride.

    If anyone wants to come along, post here and we can arrange a meet point and times.
  13. Yeah, I could be up for this, what time are you heading off, I will be coming from the West so I could meet you in Healesville. Let me know and I will cofirm tomorrow.
  14. sorry,

    just rembered about something im comitted to on saturday, will probably go up sunday now weather permitting.

    have fun, if you go via that route let me know what its like.

  15. Weather is looking better for tomorrow (Saturday) and I am going up for the day.

    Probably on my own so am keen to know who else is going, when and which route.
  16. i'll be there, sat and sun. Will back up Johnny, bodyguarding Vic.