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[VIC] Honda Australia Rider Training Celebrating New Centre

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jules

    TO CELEBRATE the recent opening of its newest site at Somerton in Victoria, Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is holding an open day on August 29.

    The event will include free "Try it" sessions for riders at both beginner and experienced leve...

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  2. $50 off any course booked and paid for on the day, pretty good, prob go to that
  3. Yep I have booked in to do the advanced free try it session and have booked my husband in to do the free beginner try it session. Great for people trying to convince other people to have a go.

    Sat Aug 29th, 2009
    [VIC] Honda Open Day Aug 29

    TO CELEBRATE the recent opening of its newest site at Somerton in Victoria, Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is holding an open day on August 29.

    The event will include free “Try it†sessions for riders at both beginner and experienced levels, and HART is offering $50 off any course booked and paid for on the day.

    Free demo rides of the Honda road fleet will also be available.

    The new facility offers two large road ranges with courses accommodating the needs of beginners and experienced riders alike, allowing realistic road speeds to be reached and ‘real world’ situations to be understood.

    Visitors to the new centre will be able to use the off-road training area, as well as receive ATV training on a purpose-built track.

    “This is one of the most exciting developments since HART’s initial opening 20 years ago,†said HART National Manager Mark Collins.

    “We are particularly excited to be able to appeal to even more riders at the new site as we have access to excellent off road training areas as well.â€

    Riding simulator sessions will be conducted at the HART open day, and protective riding gear will be available at discounted prices.

    The new HART centre is located at 200 Sydney Road, Somerton. The open day runs from 9am to 4pm on August 29, with formal proceedings to begin at 12pm.

    HART can be contacted at 03 9270 1377. www.hartridertraining.com.au
  4. I'm going to be there with a mate. Both of us are intending to sign on for the learner permit course. Given that we don't have permits, are we eligible for the Try It beginner sessions?
  5. Yep, my husband is doing the same thing, but ring up and book in, or you may miss out.
  6. Thanks! I just got myself booked into a Try It session at 10:30.
  7. hubby (phil) will be in the same group as you!!! I am doing the free advanced group also at the same time,
  8. Sweet, I'm on the 10.30 advanced too Juli :]

    Apparently they'll also have a honda fleet there you can book on the day and take out.
    I want to try that retarded automatic thing :]
  9. See you at the 10.309 session as well....

  10. Make that the 10.30 session.
  11. Going to try and convince the Saturday group to ride up there for a look ...
    sounds like a fun day , so keep an eye out for us Juli :p
  12. I had a great time, rode a Honda 600 for the advanced try it session. We rode around a lot of cones, then they showed us some emergency braking. It was similar to my licence course, but enjoyed it. About 15 in the groups with bikes ranging from 400cc to 600cc.

    Then I tried some bikes out. Tried a Cruiser VT400, have never ridden a cruiser before. Felt really low to the ground, felt really heavy compared to what I am used. We basically did a set ride around the block which included a short stint on the freeway. Strong head winds on the freeway. Also tried out a Honder CBR250 had its idle up way too high, it was on 4000 revs and that was in 1st gear!!! Had it on full throttle on the freeway, to keep up to the speed limit.

    You had to book in to try bikes out and even Learners were allowed and they would stick the L plate on the bike. A guy had one in front of me and it just blew off in the wind.

    There was a speed camera on the freeway.

    The ride leader kept to the speed limits.

    The spokes stand were giving away free neckwarmers, and pens etc. Neckwarmer was really good and came in handy.

    Was a good day, would have tested more bikes out but didn't want to bore my other half.

    He enjoyed his beginners session too. THey had them taking off in 1st with their feet on the ground then they avdanced to riding around the course. There was about 15 - 20 in the group.

    Nice to see you there Kitt, obviously you convinced them really well.
  13. Yes good time hey, good to see you guys
    Highlights for me included
    - cute girl at spokes stand (yeah you 2 i swear i was not "working it" just chatting!! :]
    - 2 unnameds "testing" out the test bikes' ability to wheelstand (right behind the HART guy no less) vv funny
    - going nuts on the simulators
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