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Vic Historc Titles Road race and BEARS racing March 2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdaley, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. 19 / 20 March 2005 at Broadford. On site camping [ $10] and bar.
    Saturday evening Film festival. And the Speedway on saturday evening at 4pm
    Full program of Classic Solos and Sidecars.
    And BEARS racing with MV Augusta, Apprilla, Ducati, Cagivas etc.
    More info at www.hmrav.org

  2. Yep, this weekend
  3. I wish. Wouldn't mind seeing Andy Brebner on the SR500
  4. We were up that way for a casual ride and thought, I know lets drop in for a squiz...

    $10 each even tho we said just riding in for a quick look ... that din't work so we went a had a look at speedway bikes in thier paddock. Wish we hadda stayed longer, cos my loverly partner got hit by a car or should I say she hit a car which pulled outof a stop signed road 2 streets from home..

    Maybe if I hadda payed the freakin $20 she wouldn't be in such a state atm..

    Stay safe guys
  5. Sorry to hear that, Tape. Is she OK?
  6. yeah ta Chairman,

    she is a bit battered and bruised but annoyed her baby is damaged. Driver insured but her clothing saved much worse physical damage, so suit up guys... she had draggins boots and leather jacket... all scathed but saved alot of flesh...

  7. Sorry to hear about Mrs Tape hope she & her bike are ok soon!
  8. Results of meeting here;


    via the Australian Superbike Series web site.....
  9. Thanks pvda.
  10. Hope Mrs Tape gets better quickly, I know how it feels when the significant other gets clobbered. By the way E is getting better every day and I am on the lookout for a replacement steed for her.