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VIC High powered bike on P's law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by I8AV8, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    Just wanting to know and Im sure its been covered before but I want an up to date answer. Ok with cars i knoew its a $135 dollar fine and no points and if a repeat offender he will be sent to court blah blah blah.

    Recently this has changed an now its a fine of up to 1000 dollars and 3 demerit points.

    My question is in regards to a motorbike is it the same, is it still just a fine or has it changed to points.

    If you dont know then please dont answer and please dont waste you post telling me to search without posting links that are currently up to date with todays law.

    If any1 had a reference off of vicroads or something in regards to this for a BIKE that would be great.


  2. Hi to you mate...

    Be a good little boy and fill out the entire profile then perhaps introduce yourself in the correct place, and if you are lucky someone may take the time to help you.

    Although from your question, it seems you intend to break the law. Consider the implications very carefully.
  3. Hey buddy look I didnt ask for you to fill out my profile, I just asked a simple question. Also its not your business if I am going to break the law or not.

    No offence but if you cant post something that productive in helping me find an accurate answer than please dont!
  4. Looks like someones not going to get the answers they're after? :LOL:

    Though Tweet, that was a little harsh :p

    V8 dude, do a search. Tweet's right too. It's correct etiquette to introduce yourself before a) launching into a question such as you have and b) being exceptionally rude to a longtime member and still expecting a response. If you're nice to people then you might get what you're after.

    Otherwise, go somewhere else. [-X
  5. wow. twat. didnt know we were here to provide you a service. how about this site: http://justfcukinggoogleit.com/
  6. :shock: Tweet !!!
    Just cause you've been here a long time does not give you the right to belittle the guy [-X
    And Rob ... sticks and stones etc .. :cheeky:

    I8AV8 ...I have to apologise for the RUDENESS and INCONSIDERATE behaviour displayed by my fellow netriders.
    I hit :google: for ya and finally found the answer you are looking for.

    .... :butt:
  7. Again

    - Search button
  8. I got your PM and I hear you Robbo.
  9. VCM!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    classic! i actually laughed out loud, probably just woke up the whole house! haha

    Tweet: cheers mate
  10. Oooh Oooh! Please Share :?:
  11. :p I didn't think it was that funny.. until you commented. I then read it again and laughed my ass off

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. its great when you write stuff, and it doesnt seem that funny in your head, but when re-read, its riot worthy! happens to me all the time. but i'm usually the only one laughing! :LOL:

    when i started reading your post i was thinking "faaaark, tweet and i didnt go out of line, did we?" then i saw the daking smiley and nearly shat myself! :LOL:
  13. $116 fine and no demerit points. (riding a bike larger than 260cc on restrictions) Can repeat as often as you like.

    Im guessing youre probably gone now V8 but it was a pleasure to meet you.

    Feel free drop in again soon.
  14. Insurance. You injure someone / dent an expensive car, you're f@$#ked. Not worth it. I don't see anything special about you, so why can't you wait the 12 months like everyone else?
  15. +1
    That reason alone prevented me from getting a CB600F.

    Besides ... between the two, they are hard to tell em apart.
    ( when stationary anyway ) :p
  16. & no offence to you, but if you come in here & pass yaself off as a
    twat in the first instance, expect f*ck-all help chump.

    I tell ya.. kids these days are smart arses because we cant belt the
    f**k outta them like our parents were able to.

    Now go get yaself some [​IMG] manners noob; come back & start

  17. You know what I can see where u guys are coming from as I am a member of other forums and have been for a long time, and I do apologize for coming in without an introduction. Although all I wanted was a simple answer. Oh yeah im not some kid and to be honest I thought you guys would have been a bit more helpful. Maybe I didnt introduce which was wrong, although this thread could have been a lot more professional instead of a bashing of the new guy. Anyways Ill leave you to it, if you want to answer my question you can if not, then have a great day and keep it safe.


    So far the info I got is that its just a fine, and yes that doesnt mean that im going to get a 600 as insurance to me is a big thing as I own property and can be held liable if I hit a merc for example. So yeah please dont judge people just because we are on the net. Honestly thats why I would rather go to a meet, as people can honestly see that your not just some little shit thats on school holidays stirring up shit.
  18. Yeah I8AV8 dont do anything that others clearly disagree with as they are gods and never do anything that is incorect or wrong :roll:
  19. ^^lol :grin: anyways shopping for some gear today. I was just asking just for the purpose of know the laws. I always like to know what the laws are regarding driving and the penalties.