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(Vic) High Country 5 Day Ride Feb 20-24

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Ned, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Suit level 3 riders. :biker:

    5 days in the High Country enjoying some of Vic's (and NSW) best bike roads.
    WHEN: Monday feb 20 to friday feb 24
    MEET: Piccolo Meccanico 57 Chute St. Diamond creek: http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/piccolo-meccanico
    TIME: 9am for 9-30 leave
    COST: $180 per person (budget motel accomm)

    Accommodation at Bright (mon & thur), Jindabyne and Orbost.

    DAY 1: Diamond Creek to Bright via Healesville, Jamieson and Whitfield.

    DAY 2: Bright to Jindabyne via Bullioh, Granya, Walwa, Khancoban.

    DAY 3: Jindabyne to Orbost via Cooma, Merimbula, Bombala, Narrabarba (Imlay Rd).

    DAY 4: Orbost to Bright via Bruthen, Omeo, Falls Creek, (afternoon ride to Mt Buffalo Chalet?)

    DAY 5: Leave Bright and head home via Oxley, Jamieson, Eildon with trip finishing at Healesville.

    Approx 2000km all up. \\:D/ Check route here: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...551636&spn=2.327348,3.515625&t=m&z=8&dirflg=d


    Brad ;)
  2. Mate, can I just say, that is one awesome ride plan. I am jealous!!

    With a new born though, I cannot get away for 1 night let alone 4 nights and 5 days. Enjoy your run mate, and take plenty of piccies and post them up!
  3. An awesome trip it will be, thanks. There's always the next one, perhaps a Learner friendly version so they can get a taste of the High Country too, for those who wouldn't normally venture out that far but will have the opportunity to do it knowing they'll have the support of more experienced riders.

    Congrats on your new baby boy too, hope all is going well.
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  4. id be down if there was a learner friendly one
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  6. Thanks plolol, this was about to be added in once I finalised the route, but what you've done is pretty much right, except that there's no Benalla on the trip, we go through Whitfield both on the way up and the way down. Good work though,

  7. What a pity Onsen Retreat & Spa at Dinner Plain is only open in Winter.

    Would be perfect by about day 4.

    I'm a maybe at this stage, will confirm by next Friday.

    I notice you are looking to stay at budget motels, but will it be possible to arrange a single room on request. I'm guessing you have based the price on sharing because it is REALLY cheap. Happy to pay extra.
  8. My leave has been granted. I'm good to go!
  9. It's already in the planning stages, perhaps not 2000km and five days, but it'll at least be in the High Country......

    Excellent! A Crossdresser (sorry CrossRunner)on the trip, perfect weapon of choice Spenze. Welcome aboard.
  10. Any girls interested in wanting to go on this ride but not wanting to bunk in with the boys?

    I'm sure they're all "gentlemen" but I don't have the same affinity for snoring and flatulence that boys tend to find amusing.

    PM me or post in this thread.

    P.S Crossdressers or those that play on both teams might like to make their own arrangement as well. This could be one very interesting ride/scenery both on and off the road!!
  11. I think you'll be pretty safe HB, just hope the walls aren't too thin! If time permits, there'll also be the opportunity to head up to Charlottes Pass for a look-see. Haven't been there before.
  12. Ned, I'm sure I'll be safe, just want to get a good nights sleep with those kms to ride.

    Thin walls would still be an improvement on camping with water ski groups.
  13. Now that you've joined the 600+ Club, can I add your name to the list HB?
  14. That looks like an epic and impressive route.

    Please let NR's know how it goes - I'd love to give this a go with some annual leave accrued.
  15. +1

    Lots of pics if possible. When/where etc. :)
  16. Sure thing, I intend on running it again, although perhaps a 3-4 day with less km per day to cater for the Learners/less experienced riders among us. Stay tuned.

    Will do my best LL. :wink:
  17. Talk about a ride right up my alley.... *sigh*
    It's been sooo long since my last similar road trip....
    These puny day treks only as far as Paynesville and back just aint enough...

    Have a great trip guys and let us know so people like myself can drool!
  18. I'm booking in for the nights in a single room and will wave to you as you pass by
  19. Awesome HB, glad to have you along for the ride.
  20. Wow, looks amazing. Wish I lived closer, reckon I'd be in for sure.
    + another one for the request for lotsa pics after the event. I will get down there on a bike one day...