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(VIC) Hi there. (back no netrider after a few years)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by natta, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm back on netrider after 2+ years (been overseas).
    Well now I am home and got a new ride. Just picked up a Gsr600k9 a few days back. Quite an impulse buy, but I got it for cheap and it's in great shape with only 4000kms on it. It is my first naked bike, but my first impressions are good. It is pretty quick (very revvy) having the gsxr engine and all, handles quite decently although I have not played around with the suspension so far. Riding position is great too, well compared to my past bikes.

    Besides the new suzuki, I got my little smoky rgv250 in the shed. Its heavily modified and quick, but not even close to road legal any more. So its my track bike.

    Riding wise, I used to mostly ride out in the countryside, black spur/kinglake runs, nearly no commuting. That might change since the gsr seems to be quite commuter friendly. Also done many trackdays.

    Looking forward to joining up with some of the rides, and organising a few too (usually spur of the moment rides), and most importantly learning how to ride again.

    Hope to see and meet many netriders out on the road.

    Nathaniel (nate/natta)

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  2. Welcome back mate. You'll see quite a few new peeps here now, and unfortunately some old hands have now disappeared.

  3. welcome back to Aus and to Netrider, we've had a few returnees over the last few weeks
  4. Welcome back :D