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[Vic] Herald Sun - Cars and Bikes are the same

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. According to an article in today's Herald Sun (10 Oct) titled "Getting to Work" page 10 -11, motorcycles and cars are counted in the same category according to journalist John Masanauskas.

    According to the article these figures were taken directly from the recent census.

    Now, I recall that when I filled out the census last year I ticked a category that said I went to work by motorcycle that day. So, I would have expected this article to have included separate mention on motorcycles and scooters. But - No - it divides the report into By Car, By Train and Bu Bike (bicycle that is).....

    There are quite a few issues that get overlooked when motorcycle/scooters and cars are lumped into the same category:

    Congestion - two wheels isn't the same as four - thsi affects the lanesplitting debate.

    Congestion/parking - motorcycles save lots of car parking spaces.

    Environment - motorcycles generate less emmissions than cars.

    Cost to get to work - scooters are a far cheapest way to get to work. Much cheaper than a weekly train ticket by a mile. Motorcycles aren't far behind.

    I would think that there are a lot of other factors which some of you may like to raise....

    If you want to ask John why he chose to write an article that lumps motorcycle in with cars, why not email him:


    Or, if you don't feel like asking him, then why not write to the Herals Editor at:

  2. I did!

    Good morning John
    Although I live in NSW, it has come to my attention through a motorcycle Internet Forum that you have published an article on “Getting to Workâ€. I believe you state that the figures you use come from the latest Census, in which travelling to work by motorcycle was a discrete option in the answers section. However, I believe that in your article you have grouped cars and bikes together, and only reported public transport and pushbikes as separate categories? Is this correct?
    Surely the number of motorcycles constantly visible on Melbourne roads (and parked on the footpaths, lucky sods!) demands that their use in transport justifies their statistics being passed on as a discrete category, as per the census? With scooter sales booming, and with scooters (at least) meeting all but the most enviro-fanatical requirements for carbon footprint, road space, wear and tear on roads and effectiveness in delivering the occupant to his/her destination, they deserve to be considered separately? (How environmentally-friendly is a belching diesel bus??).
    ANY motorcycle will take up less road space (shorter queues at lights), wear the road less (lower weight), require less space for parking (smaller size), and bring many other advantages. And as long as cars continue to be overwhelmingly occupied by only one person, the driver, wouldn’t the migration of these people to motorcycles or scooters bring profound advantages to the traffic and parking woes of any big city?
    Of course, I’m biased, I ride a motorcycle! But could I respectfully suggest that you contact Mr John Karmouche, at jdkarmch@melbpc.org.au ? John is a motorcyclist and a motorcycle ‘activist’ and has lots of facts and figures at his disposal; I’m sure he’d welcome the space to put the motorcyclist’s case in ‘Getting to Work’!
    Paul Hall
  3. Hi John,

    Regarding your recent Getting To Work article, you totally left out motorbikes and scooters!
    How screwed would our traffic be if all those people decided to take the 4WD to work in the city, instead of the little 2-wheeler?

    There was even a box to tick on the census form about how you get to work; so how did this mode of transport get left out?

  4. Sent.

    Paul, I stole your letter text, it was so well written, apologies for not asking first.

  5. :oops: No probs mate, :wink:.
  6. Just got a reply

    Surprise, surprise, the bloody Monash...
  7. You should have signed it 'Ktulu' not 'Chris'; this would have made them shake in their ugg boots, print a retraction and subsequent corrected article.
  8. What else would you expect? MUARC relies on government funding. Like any other consultants, in order to retain said funding it needs to produce results that are aligned with current government policies.

    ie. Government wants a report that will dictate a specific outcome. It then "hires" a consultancy firm to produce that outcome. Just line inquiries, royal commissions, etc., they're never held unless the outcome is known in advance, and that it will be an advantageous one for the incumbent government.

    Call it corruption? Dunno. What IS known is that it will have been a monumental waste of valuable taxpayer funds.
  9. It wasn't MUARC this time, it was the Monash University Population and Urban Research Centre, with stats gathered from the latest government census.

    Perhaps it's worth contacting the Centre director Bob.Birrell@arts.monash.edu.au with your feedback.
  10. Fair enough. Then swap MUARC for this Urban Research mob, then..

    Same diff...
  11. Good work guys - sounds like John Masanauskas isn't at fault - so, I would ask people to not send him any other emails...

    But, it would be timely to ask the Herald Sun to do a follow up. I suggest all further emails go to hsletters@heraldsun.com.au with a CC to Bob.Birrell@arts.monash.edu.au .

    I was unable to get the time to email anyone this morning. I will do so this afternoon.
  12. Hornet, please forgive me for stealing your words (but they were just so perfect....). Here is what I just emailed to the Editor at the Herald Sun with a CC to Birrell:

    I signed it as VP MRAA :)
  13. Don't forget to include the statistic that a motorcyclist is 34 times more likely to be injured in a crash as per the other thread on here :p
  14. And - as I recall bicycle riders are pretty vulnerable too.....

    But, really - what has that got to do with the issue?????
  15. it was a lighthearted dig at another thread John
  16. I had a similar courteous reply from John, noting the source of the stats. I may well pursue the issue though; if we can open or continue dialgoue with people in the Press it may well be to our advantage. I know in Wollongong we have a staunch ally at the Illawarra Mercury, and that alliance was begun by contacting her regarding diesel spills on Macquarie Pass. Now when any matter related to motorcycling arises, she calls us for comment.
  17. +1 for all the noise, ladies and germs, excellent work.
  18. +2 He also responded to me and seems reasonable.
  19. :roll: does this mean i have to put away the pitch fork?