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[vic] help regarding transfer of ownership

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dostalgia, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. hi people,

    I am interested in a bike from a private sale which has no rego or rwc.

    i need to know

    1) the process of transfer
    2) total cost of administrative fees and miscellaneous fees that i have to fork out

    here is my understanding of the process:
    1) pay the money to the bike owner
    2) take the bike off the owner
    3) get rwc done
    4) book an appointment with VIC roads for rego
    5) register the bike
    6) transfer the bike

    and thats it, fees i have to pay are:
    1) rwc
    2) rego
    3) transfer fees

    i am not sure if i had the correct fees and process listed out, i am also unsure if appointments are necessary for transfer of ownership and rego.
    another query i have in mind is if an insurance coverage is needed for rego or can i take my own time to shop for an insurance coverage after the bike had been transfered?

    any help appreciated

  2. If the bike is not registered, then there is NO transfer fee to pay.
    ( Because there is no rego to transfer )
    You need a receipt ( proof of ownership ), an RWC and thats it.
    Fees : Rego + stamp duty ( $8.00 per $200 of market value )
    ie Bike valued at $4000 = $160 stamp duty.
  3. A motorcycle bought without rego is like buying a DVD player.
    You provide the moola, they provide the item purchased.

    Reciept/proof of purchase is always important for things of such great value - like motorcycles & DVD players.
  4. thanks people !

    appreciate the help!
    cheers! :p