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VIC: Help me find this bike for sale! (04 zx10r)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sheeth, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    As many of you know Ive just sold my R1 and I;m on the hunt for something a little more budget friendly.

    Long story short I found exactly what i was after on ebay but didn't bid because I don't buy a bike without seeing it. Anyway hoping that this deal wasn't to good to be true, (I checked the VIV etc and it's all legit) and the the guy the posted is an ebay 'noob' who I can't get onto. I'm hoping someone will recognize the bike and help me contact the owner and or his friend whos trying to sell it for him.

    The Link to the add is:


    If you know who's this is please PM me ASAP as I'm keen as bacon on this bike.

    I just hope it isn't a scam and I'm dreaming for nothing. Thanks guys!
  2. smells scamish to me. It seems to be sold now. If they get back to you I'de be careful to check the bike out well. And if they do offer you the bike I'd be doubly wary.
  3. doesn't sound like a scam, just sounds clueless about bikes. stolen?
  4. Sheeth,
    Another (possible) green bike in the shed ??? :D Love your work !
    I'd be cautious. You did state it's all 'legit' which is a great start. As you know, I bought the Fireblade, a great looking bike which was all checked and legit as well...albeit no heatshield in the lower right/left fairings ! Arskhole !!!
    Mate, I haven't seen the bike, let alone know anything about it. But I'd thoroughly recommend a 'detailed' inspection of the bike.
    As the bike is in South Morang (nearby to family members), I'd be up for riding up there tomorrow and checking it out with you after we're done with the 'blade ?
    Just an idea.
    Certainly looks nice (y)
  5. Yeah there are some clueless sellers, I had one that didn't know the model name on a motard. He had it up as the endure name and then when I questioned him to what he had done to it to make it a motard he realized that it is the motard model.


    Good luck finding the seller, but I don't think that is super cheap considering the kms.
  6. Great idea Nickers I was thinking the same thing. But to have a look I'd need o be able to get on to the guy and so far have had no luck as you could guess haha.
  7. get Nick to do a fly over, might spot it from the air, do 1 in Nigeria too lol
  8. might be a few clues in his name, 'aaarepairsangelo.'

    Although with some internet sleuthing all i found was a real estate agent named angelo in south morang. He says he doens't know about roadbikes, implying dirt bike knowledge, check out some dirt bike workshops in the area?
  9. Ah no luck gents, might have to let this one slip! Thanks anyway
  10. Too bad mate. Eyes are peeled for ya (y)