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[VIC]HELP, I'm looking for a rider from Berwick.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. I need to find the previous owner of my bike. Maybe the Netrider community can help?

    GSXR1000K7 blue & white
    Bike was bought at Team 1 Suzuki in Hoppers Crossing in October last year, Reg No. was GD070
    Registered owner was in BERWICK, VIC.
    Bike has been crashed and written off.

    Anyone know someone who's bike fits this description? Do YOU fit this description? Have a mate who may have owned this bike?

    Please PM me.
  2. Better hope it's not the Johnny O superbike.
  3. Triway,

    For $24 you can get a registration report from prick toads which will give you some clues as to where the bike has been registered.

    Depending on how many owners, you might be able to do some detective work??

    Good luck.
  4. Sorry, :oops: from the topic I thought this was a prsonals add. My mistake, unnlesss, maybe? No, didn't think so. :grin: :cheeky:
  5. Hey mate, sorry haven't heard or seen of anyone that used to own a bike like that. I wish it used to be my bike, haha. Good luck with the search man :grin:
  6. are you looking for the red key u might have to buy a new ecu they are about two grand
  7. The red key? I just want a key.
  8. the red key i9s an unlock key for the engine managment system you will need this as well my mate bought a wrecked bike aswell it has the key but still wont start cos he doesnt have a master key his bike is imobilised unti he replaces the ecu
  9. Either of the keys that come with the bike from new is all I need.
  10. Contact Team 1 under the motor vehicles act they are required to keep full records of buyers & sellers for 7 years!
  11. Hi....I have a guy that can help regarding any ecu problems...all above board to i might add....I will pm you but i thought this may be of help for anyone else reading this post for current and future lost keys.
  12. I did that.
    "yeah, would probably take me a couple of hours going through the paper trail to find it, boss would have to charge for that...."

    Thanks a f#cking lot dude! I was in there just last week enquiring about a 2008 GSXR and he was all chatty............ :evil:
  13. Simple response to that one - "oh, you're right. What'll that be, at your hourly.... 30 dollars?"
  14. you may need the master key if the battery has been disconected
  15. Triway thanks for the PM, I can't think of anyone who fits that desc but I think your best bet will be to contact Vic Roads and pay the $24 for the report at least that way you know
  16. triway, the place where you bought the wreck from should have some history as well. They must have bought it off someone and even if it was an insurance co there will be a trail.

    If you know a friendly police man and the reg has a "history" (it will because it's been crashed) there could be some leads...........
  17. Mobile, the VicRoads report only tell me they were from Berwick, nothing more. :(

    2wheelsagain, I have a friendly Policeman, but they can now get sacked for making such enquiries for personal reasons. I don't wish to risk that for any friend.
  18. Yes mate I'm well aware of that. Just have to think up a "reasonable" excuse.

    Any idea of the date of the crash?
  19. Nah, all the details i have are in the OP. :cry:
  20. Triway,

    Sorry mate but my contact has vanished. I tried to find him but no luck I'm afraid :cry:

    Best of luck bro