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(Vic) Helmet regulation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by blueblack, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. hi guys, i'm new at this forum.... and i wanna ask about the helmet regulation in vic.. is it illegal to wear helmet without the australian standard sticker on it? the thing is, i just got this new helmet and it pretty cool and i'm sure that this helmet is safe too, but it is from US...

  2. welcome to the asylum mate.

    As with most mandated safety gear in Australia, if it doesn't carry the sticker and someone catches you, you are treated as not having it - it treated as not wearing a helmet at all.

    Some people do it, most of them probably don't get caught, but in the end it's your choice. It is just one of those bureaucratic hoops we have to jump through.
  3. when you say someone catches... means cop or other rider? will i get fined if cop catch me wearing helmet that not carry the sticker?
  4. Yes. And three points in most Jurisdictions too.
  5. Ummm... that would be a cop mate.

    Patrol car probably would have no idea, but motorcycle cops definately do.
  6. i'm not aware of any other rider in the country who would even care if your helmet had a sticker on it, let alone try to give you a fine for it.

    RBT/License checks are where you are most likely to come unstuck, but lots of people will tell you the cop never looked at the helmet.
  7. Have you actually read previous threads on this topic :LOL: ?
  8. when was the last time you stopped at the lights next to a middle aged scooter rider who checked your hat?

    When was the last time a fool on a harley tried to give you a fine or TIN for ANYTHING?

    Can you actually interpret what you read? The context was "who would care - a cop or another rider?"
  9. You could always make a trip to a well attended motorcycling event where a man with a remarkably good label printer can sell you an AS sticker impossible to differentiate from the real thing. Not that a law abiding rider such as myself would ever advocate that.
  10. I was referring more to a high proportion of the posts on squid threads, which make it clear that a lot of riders, at least on this forum, consider it very much their business to care what others wear in the way of lids and other protective clothing.

    As regards a ticket, the idea of another rider (apart from a cop) having any authority to hand one out is so bizarre that I assumed it was a typo or a misinterpretation by myself or the OP and so didn't really consider addressing that aspect.
  11. Some helmets don't have a sticker but do have a sewn in standards label. Unfortunately some cops don't seen to realise that this is legal as well. Having been through all this with a friend of mine who got booked by a very ignorant (and smart-arse) cop for having a non-approved helmet with the label sewn in I can definitely vouch for this. He went to court and the cop got a real reaming out - I can't understand why it ever actually got that far. :LOL:
  12. I have never had my helmet checked by the police in all the years of riding, so you shouldnt have anything to worry about. Just need to make sure the lid is safe, you dont want to find out it is dodgy the hard way :cry:
  13. Bike coppers will check your helmet if you're pulled over for a licence check... which is very likely in the yarra ranges this summer, especially long weekends.

    This has happened to me and to my mates.

    One copper in Lorne pulled over my trio once, for a licence check. We had a pleasant chat, then he spotted my mate's helmet visor which did not have a standards sticker, and let him know that his lid was currently technically illegal... but since it was a known brand, did nothing about it.

    Bangalla, could you "not" advocate into my PM please. Thx mate.
  14. Umm.. something you not telling us? like who can make dodgy lookin labels? :LOL:
  15. No bro... you misunderstood... I'd like one of these stickers... I'm happy for Bangalla to not advocate such activities and informations directly into my PM inbox. :grin:

    ...I guess I was a bit ambiguous... hell, I meant what I knew!!

  16. Show me an AS lid that has never had a sticker. Some have a label inside as well but they all come with a sticker. Whether it stays or not is another matter.

    OP its your head, your choice but why give an insurance company more reason to reject a claim?
  17. Many open-face helmets don't come with stickers. Try your local Harley dealer and have a look there.
  18. :LOL: Oh Ok..

    Well in that case, forward the PM onto me :grin:

    Anyways, you supposed to be an Engineer. Can't you just engineer one? :LOL:
  19. This is were the law should be changed!
    - It would improve the quality of safety equipmet available to the public
    - Affordability wouldn't be as big an issue
    - safety would increase

    If safety equipment meets the EU and dot standards you shouldn't need the "Australian Standards approval"

    I'm sure that the Australian Standards organiseation dosen't check every helmet :-k

    Its just a licence to print money$$$$$ [-X

    It should be safety first!
  20. What a crock of poo poo mate.

    How would removing the Australian Standard "improve the quality of safety equipment available to the public"? And then you say "safety would increase".

    Just because something happens in America or Europe, doesnt mean a pinch of shit here. Its like saying they drive left hand drive cars, therefore i should be able to here.

    Anyway, its a dead issue. Everyone knows what the rules are with this topic. Of course anyone can choose to break laws if they choose. Thats their choice.

    For what its worth, I do think that small market like Australia should probably just make things easier and adopt the European standard rather than having our own, BUT the simple fact is we do have our own standard. So thats that.