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[VIC] Hello.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Thera, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Hello, I have been a bit of a browser of the forums since I researched into buying my first Road Bike, and seeing as though I got such good info here, I thought I'd Join up(Paid up and Proud) and support this Group.

    I live in West Melbourne and have seen groups with Net Rider Number Plate Covers up on Erroll St drinking Coffee and having a feed. I have been on the Road for about 7 months, and I ride a '08 Hyo GT250R TT. Unfortunately I work weekend's(Well I chose to be a chef, my fault), and Will miss out on most of the rides, but I look forward to reading the great amount of good information here abouts, And any oppertunity I can get to participate in events.

    Well, thats my hello, and I hope to meet you all one day at a ride or event.

  2. hi and welcome to NR
  3. Welcome.

    Chef, eh? So what time do you want us to all come around for dinner.
  4. Welcome in, Mate.

    Walk up and say Hi on a Thursday night in Nth Melb.

    (Thurs night mystery ride)
  5. will do, and if i could fit more than 5 people in my place, and find volunteers for nappy duties, then I'd be more than happy too!
  6. Welcome to the madhouse :LOL:.
  7. Welcome Aboard mate!!!
    I'm sure we could organise a group ride to tie in with your schedule.
    Probably be more like a "NR Ride a la carte" :p
  8. Welcome!

    Next time you see some netriders you'll be able to introduce yourself in person.
  9. See you live on the west side. Pop down on Monday night for coffee and say hi.
  10. Thera said:

    Nappy duties ... I suppose it's too much to hope that this is secret Chef speak for some sort of routine kitchen duties that doesn't involve yucky stuff.
  11. At age 30 you are still wearing nappies :? :p
  12. Welcome Thera, look forward to meeting up sometime!
  13. thre is something to be said for comfort... :p But I have an 18 month old, who likes to sit on my bike.
  14. Yes children love sitting on bikes. My youngest is two and a half, whenever I'm tending to my bike she is out there asking to sit on it.

    We had a family get together recently and all of the cousins took time sitting on the bike (All under 5). Of course the parents all came out to take photos. Some of the kids did not want to get off - I could relate to that because I often don't want to get off when I get on too!
  15. hi and welcome - enjoy