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[VIC] Hello all..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dostalgia, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Hi to all Victorian riders !

    I had just had my license converted from Vic Road a month back.
    So i had skipped the L's and P's phase and i had never ridden on Vic Roads at all. So any help for a newbie like me would be very much appreciated :)

    Right off, i have some questions,

    1) recommendation for a motorcyle.

    - i had previously own and rode an Aprilia RS125, year 2000 model, i use to wash my own valve and carb, so if anyone needs help do drop me a pm :)

    i had not ridden any bigger capacity or more powerful bike plus i had not rode for the past 1 year, so i am quite apprehensive about which ride i would want to buy, as i am unsure what to expect of a more powerful bike.

    i did some searching on the internet and it seem that there is not much in-betweens, its either a 250cc or a 600cc. i would think a 400cc would be more suitable.

    i would be happy to hear the comments and views of more experienced riders, if i should hop on a 250cc first before going to a 600cc or should i just hit a 600cc bike? litre bikes are off limits to myself as i will not fully utilize the bike :) bikes i was looking at previously are cbr600f4i and gsxr600

    My serach criteria are:
    -sports bike (full farring)
    - between 250cc - 600cc
    preferably cost less <7.5k

    any other recommendations are welcomed :)

    2) tram tracks
    would tram tracks be a problem for new riders?
    i read around the forum and it seems tram tracks are a little tricky to get past.
    again i had my licenses converted from overseas, so i had zero, 0, experience on Vic roads :-( any tips and help will be much appreciated :)

    once again, i hope seniors in the forums will embrace and help a newbie like myself !
    thanks in advance ! ^^

  2. Welcome to Australia, and riding here :).
  3. both the f4i and gixxer are good bikes
    don't bother with a 250

    the fatter tyres on a 600 means tram tracks are rarely an issue
    just avoid them, or cross them as perpendicularly as you can
    be slower and more careful turning in an intersection with tram tracks in the rain
  4. hi

    for that money take a look at a Suzuki GS500f , sits on the freeway at 110 all day 20lt tank around 400ks per tank good weight around 200kg with fuel So you don't get blown away .... the gsx is an excellent bike if you want to spend the money

    Every one here will have a different opinion. see that they say .. safe riding
  5. thank you people :)

    will check out the suggestions, thank you ! :p