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VIC: Hell just froze over!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gromit, May 15, 2007.

  1. Link to article on The Age website.

    It's not April 1, is it? :shock:

  2. Interesting.

    I wonder whether the campaign will have any impact?

    I'm still waiting from ads of a similar nature with a focus on motorcycle and cyclist awareness (they need to be wholly separate, of course).

  3. Hell will freeze over when our top traffic cop admits speed isn't the biggest factor in most accidents, and reasonable speed limits are introduced with fairer tolerances.
  4. :WStupid:

    never going to happen though, as the government coffers would suffer severely.

    Speed cameras can and do save lives when deployed for that purpose. Have a look at the UK system for evidence of how to use them properly. Compare that with VIC policy, and it is abundantly clear that the ONLY purpose for which they are used in this state is revenue.
  5. I'm not sure which state created this advertisement in the first place, but it's been on in SA for over a year. Here's the link below:


    We tend to get a lot of recycled TAC commercials, so I suppose this is our revenge.
  6. I think you'll find things are no different in the UK...the public is fed basically the same bullsh*t that we are, if not more so..... :shock:

    Have a browse through these sites:


  7. I saw the highlights on the news last night, it shows a car not paying attention and swerving into a motorcyclists lane.... this kind of awareness might only save one of our fellow netriders' but its better than none! :D
  8. You don't think Aussie Pollies and Police are smart enough to think of this sh!t themself do you... Those in the UK have the same problems we do...

    I remember drving along a B road in Wales, speed limit 45 mph... cameras every 3 miles or so... everyone does 60 and the cameras go non-stop... I was trying to do the dash and brake, but mis-timed it and got flashed...

    I was speeking to some guys later about my dismay and their response was not to worry,

    The cops pay for the camera instal,
    The cops pay to retrieve the film,
    The cops pay to develop it,
    The cops pay to issue, chase, and process the fine,

    When the fine is payed, the money goes to the county... so the cops don't change the film so the cameras hardly catch anyone...

    That was 10 years ago now, but the UK have had these stupid tools for ages...

    There is one at Gymea near my home, in the 40 school zone on a major road, installed with great fanfare because a school girl was killed at that school.

    The school girl was killed by;
    an old woman,
    on one of the side roads,
    who started her car in reverse,
    and killed the girl at 5km/h in reverse...

    Hope that the speed camera on the main road prevents that from hapening again...

  9. Fair enough. Difference is:

    1. They're signed

    2. Comprehensive lists of fixed camera locations are readily available, particularly on the internet

    I was recently told by a mate in London that you can even have the info for your area sent via sms, or downloaded to your gps every morning! I think I may google for more info...

    That hardly resembles the cloak and dagger games the vic police play.

    As for knee-jerk reactions resulting in legislative changes, well, I'm with you 100%. They should be backed up by cold hard facts. The problem THERE appears to be the legitimacy (or uh....otherwise) of the statistics.

    In VIC, anyway, there is little to no effort to justify the use of cameras with anything. The "wipe off 5" campaign doesn't draw a causal connection with the use of ANY stats (much less bodgy ones).
  10. and they are here too

    Fixed Speed Camera list here