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[Vic] Heidelberg-Kinglake road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Lancelot, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Just a brief post, this is more of a warning to novice riders. The Heidelberg-Kinglake road is a lot of fun, very twist and tight corners, but note:

    1. There are heaps of nutters on this road - bikes and cars alike
    2. Cars cut corners leaving you precious little room
    3. Cliff face on one side, drop on the other for the tighter stuff
    4. Most corners are blind
    5. gravel from edge of road/driveways is often found near some corners

    Basically, it's a lot of fun, but if it's your first time, be experienced and go a little slower. If you're a learner, just don't do the road - you'll be kicking yourself if you come off.

    On the bright side, there is an excellent pie shop in Kinglake!

    [Moved from Hazardous Roads by Mod]
  2. I agree with you, I did this road first time in the wet!

    The worst was when a bus came around a hairpin taking up half of my road!

    You can tell I don't like it.
  3. Wet you say? Bus you say?! Jeez, I've had it easy.
    It still amazes me how some guys on bigger bikes still find room to overtake a small truck on those roads. The road is nice, but the Healesville-Kinglake road... it's sooo much better - wow.
  4. Agreed, the Kinglake - Healesville Rd ( from Toolangi ) is prob my favourite road up there. Recently resurfaced and always quiet. For those who don't know it, worth checking out ! :)
  5. this is what makes it a cracker piece of road.......used to be one of my most hated stretches of road.....now i love it :wink:
  6. Some of my mates thoroughly dislike the road, to the point that it's off bounds now on group rides, but I love it. Just take it slow and it's a fine road - practice your Tai Chi cornering.

  7. I just did it today, great road. Like you say, cliff on one side, drop-off on the other :shock: . Road surface is great, we were riding above the clouds sometimes :grin: .
    As for the nutters, i only saw a big red chev who was probably doin 50km/h, oh and the big-bore cruiser that passed us :oops: (i didn't know those things could turn corners!).
  8. It's the tight left handers where you almost feel like your hanging over the edge of the drop off, and you look to your left and see the wrecks of cars that nobody could be bothered recovering, that gets my adrenaline up!

    Fun road... but ooooh so dangerous.
  9. I think a few riders have probably died on that road its so scary. I remember seeing gravel on the road. Seeing gravel on the road while taking a corner makes me cry. Also there were a few decreasing radius corners making it even harder seeing they were blind.
  10. This is my favorite road,then chum creek after that.Yes its a challenging road but if you ride at about 75% of your ability and look through the corners and set up properly then its not a problem.I always go there to scrub in my tyres as your garanteed to get them to the edge :grin:
  11. Everything above is true. It's lots of fun. :grin:

    It used to be more fun, when on a couple of 25Km/h left handers you could hook into the corner, look down, and be looking straight down 20 metres over the cliff.

    But then they went and put poles (orange ones on one corner) on those corners, so that if you hooked into them you would hit the poles. Literally. With your head or shoulder. Most annoying. Then one of the corners collapsed, and the repaired corner is wider than the original, with armourguard on the inside. It much harder to look over the armourguard to see over the cliff. :LOL:

    Buses. Pfft. It's the convertable Porsche that uses it as a race track that makes some corners interesting. . . No, wait. It is actually the 30 to 35 Km/h right hand corners, with tightening radius, off camber road surface, and a steep dropoff right in front of you that gives me the willies. There are three or four of those corners, and most regularly have gravel on them.