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[VIC]Healsville Sun 28th Sept, Sun Sep 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Franky

    Hello peoples!

    (Weather permitting)

    Time to get out and mingle with a few regular faces and some new ones too!

    Meet at 10am Mobil servo cnr of Stud Rd & Wellington Rd Rowville departing 10:20am

    Anyone who'd like to tag along for a spin to H...

    ... more

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  2. im in, regardless of weather.
    depending on numbers i'll go TEC too, need to keep the right hand tamed :grin:
  3. I might come, depending on the weather.

    Don't know if I'll make the whole ride length though... Got sore after a 45 min ride the other day due to not riding for about 2 months.

    Yes, I know. HTFU......
  4. If im not overly hung over from grand final day i might come along and meet all you crazy cats. :grin:
  5. Late start dude :LOL: I'll see you up there :)
  6. im in

    hi would be great to get out on the bike has not been used lately
  7. Weather permitting I should be there.
  8. Hi peoples!

    With the weather being unpredictable at this time of year I will confirm whether this ride will go ahead early Sunday morning.... So watch this space!

    If it doesn't go ahead it will be postponed to a later date.

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  9. hummm, might have to come along for a look see ?, how far is the ride ?
  10. sounds good to me :) lets hope the weather keeps up!
  11. if you dont mind a learner tagging along id love to come (weather of course). i learn best from watchin others better so would be good.
  12. HANDSY you're welcome to tag along :)

    For everyone else... We should arrive in Healsville around 11:20am for those wishing to meet there. We will regroup at the Beechworth bakery.

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  13. thanks bud, ill meet in healsville.
  14. I'll be there
  15. Me and my OH will be at the mobil meeting point at 10.

    (unless its nasty weather)
  16. If the weather is o.k. I'll see ya in the morning Franky. :)

    Hakin :wink:
  17. OK If you don't mind me slowing TEC down I'll be there. If the weather looks OK LizzyM will probably be there too. See you at the start.
  18. weather will be perfect!
    tiny bit of drizzle overnight/morning, pissweak change but it will keep things nice and cool, then a mainly sunny day.
    bewdy :grin:
  19. G & I will join you to Healesville.