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(VIC)Healsville/Eildon Sun 5th Feb 06

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by funky_monkey, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Destination: Healsville/Eildon/Jamison Rd

    Date: Sunday 5th Feb 06

    Level of experience: just about any... must be competent

    Meeting point: 9:30am at Mc Donalds Rowville... Corner of Stud Rd and Fulham Rd

    Hello all :)

    Looks like weather predictions for Sunday 5th Feb are looking good with a sunny 26 deg :grin: but will be monitored as the week progresses. Lets keep our fingers crossed hey! :wink:

    Our main meeting point will be 9:30am sharp at Mc Donalds Rowville... corner of Stud Rd and Fulham Rd for some breakfast or just that morning coffee etc... The intended route will be straight up Wellington Rd to Emerald and continue on through Emerald to take us at the roundabout where we turn left to go to Woori Yallok... then across Warbi Hwy to Healsville/Black Spur and continue on and turn off at Taggerty... hook off at Thornton then Eildon for some lunch.

    Providing time is on our side we will then make our way through the tight twisties of Jamison Rd (aprox 35 kms before that road turns to gravel) but stop at Big River before the gravel. Jamison Rd is quite an intresting bit of road but has no line markings and corners are not sign posted. But the ride through to the river is quite worth it. Although there is hardly any traffic through there... I would suggest you keep to your side of the road.

    Regular stops will be had along the way as needed and please don't forget to corner mark after the leader :)

    The intended route home will be the same way that took us to Eildon.

    A lead rider will be elected at the meeting point (probably me) along with a tail ender.

    A day to be enjoyed! :)

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  2. Sounds like a good ride.

    The Jamieson Road is good fun. Bitumen is that whitish color that looks a little dodgy, but is still as grippy as regular bitumen.

    If you're up in the Eildon region, no trip there would be complete without doing a run over the Fraser National Park Rd, which runs just north of Eildon back towards Alexandra. An excellent stretch of road that should be enjoyed if making the jaunt out that far.
  3. I should be able to make it this ride after all. Need to scrub my new tyres in anyway :grin: It's been way too long since I travelled along the Jamieson Rd.
  4. And if you corner mark on unfamiliar roads, be careful playing catch-up or you may lose your baby for a month.

  5. Would love to come but still haven't got new tyres on the 12 :cry:
    So I guess i will have to say no till next time
    Have a good ride hope the weather outs out for you
  6. Sounds like a plan :grin:

    how did ya clutch go Franky??

    Cheers R@t

  7. This sounds like a good ride in the making...so count me in :wink:

    I will meet up with you at the servo outside of Healesville.

    What time do you think you will head through there Frank??...and do you mind if l mention this ride on OCAU to see if any others are interested in joining in. Might get a 2 or 3 if that. :)
  8. Pick me, Pick me, can I come too?
  9. Sounds like a plan. I'm in for the ride if it does not rain. :)
  10. Hello peoples :)

    I would like to make our meeting time of 9:30 am our time of departure so please try and be at Mc Donalds before hand. I will give 5 minutes or so just in case :wink:

    Hey R1_lover.... thats fine Julz. You may mention this ride on OCAU.

    As for Sundays weather so far predicting fine and 27 deg. Looking good :grin:

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  11. Thanks for the text Franky!
    Still not sure if i'm gonna be able to make it or not as i'm getting the fresh rubber tomorrow morning but am still on semi-sqeaking brake pads. :cry:

    I'll post up if i can make it but at the moment its unlikely.
    Damn hard to get '91-92 FZR1000 brakepads. :? :cry:
  12. You after front or back brakes.
    I'm pretty sure i have a set of front pads,brand new
    in the garage.

    Hakin :wink:
  13. Well hello again to all :)

    Sunday is shaping up to be as predicted and thumbs up :biker:
    Our meeting point at Rowville still stands and no changes for the intended route.

    We should be at the Ampol servo in Healsville anywhere between 10:30 - 11am at the latest for those wishing to meet up there.

    As for now...

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  14. See ya in the morning Frank :grin: :grin:
    Should be a good day :cool:

    Hakin :wink:
  15. See ya's all in the morning :)

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  16. Take it easy out there lads!
  17. Just having breakfast, see you soon.
  18. ditto :)
  19. Morning :)

    The ride is a goer and getting ready to saddle up :moped: Dont know bout everyone else but i'm havin some bacon n egg mc muffins and coffee :p

    See ya all shortly

    Cheers Franky :cool: