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[VIC] Healesville via Seymour, Sun Oct 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Nonda

    For everyone wanting to go for a ride Sunday I was planning a trip from Eltham to Warrandyte then Kangaroo Ground, Panton Hill, Watsons Creek, Rob Roy, Panton hill, Hurstbridge, Arthurs Creek, Cottles Bridge, St Andrews, King Lake (coffee), Flowerdale...

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  2. Sunday ride

    I've been hanging out for a long day's ride, so count me in, Fidel.
  3. Looking out the window the weather looks good and BOM says it will be good for the rest of the day. Getting ready to leave for Eltham Maccas and look forward to meeting up with the fellow Netriders.
  4. Today's ride was a solo effort. Many thanks to Sir Ride Alot for leading, corner marking and tail end Charlie. Good effort.

    Overall around 470k's with an altered route. Biggest excitment was seeing a FWD down the side of a steep hill nose first into a tree between St Andrews and Kinglake. Hope everyone was OK. Other excitement included being breathalised by police on the black spur. The roads were fairly quiet and there weren't many bikes around. Weather wise the rain held off but it was windy and chilly.

    The highlight of the day goes to the stretch of road from the Highlands to Yea.
  5. Hi there! first post and all! , yeah I saw that Prado!! wow it made it a fair way down ! Hmm , and where were the 5-0 on the spur??? Interesting :shock:
  6. No police when we went up , but I think they may have been shooting a movie called 1001 ducatis. They were all over it moving through the spur to reefton. Lots of other bike assortments also. While we sipped our lattes :) in marysville lost in thoughts of what all the male riders would look like out of the power ranger outfits they were waddling about in , the ambulance , sirens bazing , shot through towards reefton <sigh> .

    Actually , there seemed to be an unusual amount of car clubs about this afternoon. Old porcshes( sp? cant get , damn turkeys ) and other ones I dont know ( cars pfttt )

    Sorry to hear you rode alone though. :) opps edit - thats is supposed to be a sad face :(
    Plug for the flowerdale pub. $10 meals that fill the plate and a pair of bangos and a violin popping out tunes in the background.
  7. you couldn't possibly mean this 4WD?


    When we there on Friday my mate caught a glimpse of the car out of the corner of his eye and stopped to have a look. A tow Truck stopped aswell (he already had the job lined up). The driver looked down the hill with great puzzlement. You could see he wanted the job but not too sure if he had the right stuff to get the car out (maybe he did).

    Apparently the accident had happened on Thursday night and the driver is OK. He only really hurt himself when getting back up the hill. The towie said the bloke had swerved to miss a bike. Personally I reckon he was on the wack tabbacky cause ther were no skid marks whatsoever. ehhh... it's all speculation. No one got too hurt so thats good.
  8. Jace that's the one. good to hear all were OK. Very lucky though.

    Trevor Whatever. The police were at the usual spot. Ferny creek I think it's called. They were on both sides of the road in unmarked cars. 3 cars all up. Around 3pm.