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[VIC] Healesville/Black Spur/Marysville, Sun Aug 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Graeme

    Meeting Point: 10am Maccas at Stud Park Rowville (cnr of Stud Rd and Fulham Rd, Melway 72 J12)

    Level of experience: experienced/advanced

    Sundays weather is looking to be fine but windy 17 degrees, so providing the weather holds we will ride towar...

    ... more

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  2. Yeeeehaaa!!!! I'm not leading.... woo-hoo!! :grin:

    See you there Graeme... Hopefully the winds wont be too gusty

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  3. We'll be up that way on Saturday/Sunday. Heading home Sunday via Reefton, Marysville, etc. from Healesville back to Yarra Junction, Noojee for lunch then home to the Valley.

    Hopefully the "windy" bit of the forecast doesn't eventuate.
  4. Sounds like fun, If I finish work in time I will be there for sure. Graeme if you could pm me your mobile so I can ring you guys if I cant make it. Hope to see you all there if not have fun as I sure yous will :wink: :LOL:
  5. Hmmmm,I'd like to join in on this little jaunt.....
    if I don't have a big night tonight,
    like I did last night ( just walked in the door)yeah I know, I'm a stopout :p

    I'll check back in later on tonight and confirm for sure.
    Cool, I might get to see how this new back tyre performs, compared to the one that was on it that came with the bike.
  6. Contrary to my profile, I am not a young guy. I was wondering if I would be able to tag along. I only ride a 400 & I am a little bit out of shape. Do you think I will be left behind if I join this ride? Is anyone willing to wait at the odd corner so I don't get lost? Looking fowards to maybe joining you all. Cheers Andrew.
  7. i'll come along for this one.

  8. Don't be cheeky ya f*cken maniac!
  9. Sittin' this one out, I shall be exceedingly hungover!
  10. Not sure if this ride is suitable for 9yr olds but if you think you can keep up thats OK :LOL: :wink:

    at this stage the weather is looking good so the ride is...go go go go...

    Forecast for Sunday
    Fine. A mainly sunny day with freshening northerly wind.

    Precis: Fine. Windy.
    City: Min 7 Max 18

    Laverton: Min 6 Max 18 Yarra Glen: Min 2 Max 17
    Tullamarine: Min 6 Max 17 Mt Dandenong: Min 5 Max 13
    Watsonia: Min 5 Max 18 Scoresby: Min 4 Max 18
    Frankston: Min 7 Max 16 Geelong: Min 7 Max 18

  11. DAMM

    Sounds like a good ride but im not experienced enought to come on this one. But give it time maybe soon.

    Have fun guys!
  12. +1
  13. Looks like the weather gonna be great :grin:

    Have fun & take care guys... I saw another bike being loaded yesterday at Dirtbags "corner" :(
  14. The weather IS looking good, stood outside looking up and all I could see was blue... \:D/

    thanks mate, we will take care.......won't we guys...

    see you at Maccas...... :)
  15. I'll give this ago, been a while since ive been up there. Will be taking it easy as I broke my collar bone :oops: see ya there
  16. :biker:

    are you reaaaddddyyyy toooo rruumbbllee

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Bugga
    went to wake ben and laid down and only just woke up

    ah well next time
    WHEN is the next Ladies ride ?
  18. Well that was a great day! Pity the Reefton has shit all over it, but the rest was A grade.
    Although I nearly died :? ...
    On the way back with Ben I think his name was (sorry not sure), a blue XR ute pulled out infront of us from the left turning right to go the way we came from. I was following "Ben" who swerved right and missed, but the ute didn't stop. Coz he kept on moving I prepared to swerve left when s/he decided to stop in the middle of my lane! :shock: Swerving right now, I swear I felt the front bumper on my left leg it was that close.
    From memory we were travelling at/near the speed limit, there was no way they could not of seen us, especially when some old dude was complaining that my headlight was too bright :?

    ...some people........
  19. yeah, it was bad, wasn't it? The loose stuff was throwing the Blackbird around like the tyres were flat. Didn't do much for confidence.

    Rest of it was OK, except for the cars, particularly those who are too scared to go above 50 km/h...

    Luckily we didn't encounter any riders being stupid. Least, not in front of the general public. After last weekend's tragedy, the last thing we really need are for riders to go hooning in front of people.
  20. Thanks :applause: to everyone who turned up for the ride, hope you had a great day, I know I did....and Andrew, for a 9yr old you ride pretty good :wink: :wink:

    So from Rowville up Wellington Rd through to Emerald then down the Macclesfield Rd to Yellingbo (just ask Hakin for road report) then on to Woori Yallock, regroup and then on to Healesville to the Ampol servo, had a bit of a chat and a wee, then up the Black Spur and as usual no problems through there, roads good.

    The only police we saw were at Marysville where they stopped us so that they could breathalize, licence and rego check. They were also asking if the riders knew/heard everything about the two bikers wanted for questioning about the accident through the hills last Sunday....

    Marysville to Warburton through the Reefton, damp with gravel on top section, but not to bad of a ride, no incidents, then from Warburton to Mt Donna Bauang, cold with damp roads but still no problems....

    :LOL: :LOL: The humour between the group is great with Hakin complaining :blah: about the roads or we are sitting around too long, its good to have laugh... :LOL: :LOL:

    The ride home was good, Warburton to Worri then on to Pakenham, I reckon the roads through Worri to C@ckatoo have got bumpier....

    And Frank, I didn't say I was the leader.....just because you guys started following me when we first started out is not my problem.....anyways I got you to Marysville didn't I...in one piece..... :LOL: :wink: