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[VIC] Healesville and Marysville Ride, Wed Jul 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Neil Gamgi

    Redbull R6 and myself are going to Healesville and Marysville for a ride if anyone is interested the details are below....

    Meeting at :Mcdonalds Sydney rd Fawkner.
    Time :10.00am
    Depature :10.30am

    Please note if weather is bad(raining) the ride...

    ... more

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  2. Me! I'm interested. Where to after Marysville? ... only place I won't go is Reefton. Wrote off a bike recently so won't ride dirt roads or Reefton.
  3. Hi cin after Marysville back to healesville then mayby Kinglake, but we can see on the day....
    open to suggestion but would like to be back around 3.30pm
  4. no probs. aside from previously mentioned. I'm game to ride anywhere. Will be COLD. I mightsee if wearing 3 thermals will make me 3xWarmer
  5. I am in if its still on
  6. Suns out at the moment so ride is still on............. :)
  7. Healesville current temp : 6.3 degrees :-O
  8. That means only 2 sets of thermals not :grin: 3
  9. Enjoy the ride Neil ya lucky bugga!

    Would have loved to have joined you but some of us have to work Wednesdays! ](*,)
  10. Dammit, woulda done this. Only just got back from work.
    Hope it was a good one!
  11. read this too late or i would have loved to join you guys.
  12. Not a whole lotta kms, but I had a good time.
    Aside from the nice 40km corners at the start of Black Spur, the Spur was glistening wet - a pity. oh but I love those 40km corners! At least we got to do them twice - once each way. Scary moment on Chun Creek when all of us hit gravel as we were nicely leaned over on a corner.... oh and there was the truck which almost took of Sam's head.

  13. Danny you may need to re-think on the type of work u do :LOL: :LOL:
    You would have been in your element wet slippery roads sound familiar :grin:

    Still did not get wet which was a plus...........Thaxs ,Sam ,Cin , Bret, was a good day out...
  14. sorry did not make it got called into work looking forward to the next one
  15. Sadly mate, desk jobs require weekday work (and I like my salary too much to change careers, it funds the bike upgrade) :p

    Woohoo, wet & slippery! Oh, you're talking roads... :LOL:

    We'll have to make a run up the spurs one day when the weather's better. Let us know if you're organising another run
  16. i thought they were 80km corners? :twisted:
    and you and gravel!! avoid it cindy!
    may i suggest if you see the rider ahead hitting it, pick a better line? :p
  17. is this event suitable for learners?
  18. for starters, you're 3 days too late for the event.... :p