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[VIC] Healesville and Marysville Ride, Saturday 25th July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by arc, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Spur of the moment (no pun intended) discussion after the Thursday Night Mystery Ride about taking a *small* group of folks through to Marysville.

    Meet at the St Kilda Marina BP at 10am, for a departure shortly afterwards. Expect to be back in the CBD area by 5pm.

    If a large group of folks want to go we might split into two.

    No leader or TEC nominated as yet (Bruce seemed to need a good excuse to get out of the house this Saturday).

    If the weather is going to be ugly over there I might pike - did it my 1st time with gogoplater in traffic, driving rain, cloud/fog, dark (eventually), was yucky. Lovely weather in Melbourne, nasty as over there.

  2. Damn :(

    Have the rugkitts this weekend :grin: so it's a short Saturday outing for me :cry:
    next weekend would've been better :p
    as long as I'm home in time to go out for my eldests 26th :shock: birthday dinner !!

    Sheesh how time flys :!:
  3. Did someone say TEC or am I dreaming :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  4. You KNOW you want to :wink:

    Now we just need a leader :)

  5. Hi arc

    I had planned to head up through the black spur tomorrow as the weather forecast, for the arvo at least, looks promising. If you don't mind a new face tagging along I might hook up with you guys at the BP and see what your plans are.


  6. Arc, are you riding a ninja 250r?
    If the case, might try and round up my mates on 250s to come along :p
  7. a 250 ride you say? :grin:

    got a route planned at all?
  8. Ahhh, this seems like a 2fiddy ride...

    have fun.

  9. No specific route as such, the guys were just talking about making a run from St Kilda to Marysville via Healsville...I know a few of you have some lovely runs through Doncasterish to Healsville. Nibor? I'm sure you posted one a while back, I have a printout of that via Google Maps.

    Not a 250 run as such, just a few folks decided to do this and didn't get around to posting it up here (well, they convinced me to :LOL:)...there'll be at least one 600 Ninja, and possibly a litre...wanted to keep it intimate, but all welcome.

    Not a speed run and not a granny run, just a casual fun day weather permitting.

  10. i'll link up something fun in a sec.
    you'd be going fkn slow if just healesville and marysville and back from departure to 5pm...
  11. Sounds like we have a leader as well as a TEC :grin: :grin: :grin:

  12. ...the "plan" (very loose use of that term), was to make a day of it, so some twisty bits up that way would be very welcome. Also somewhere for lunch would be nice :p

  13. linky
    good fun, the bikes warm up on the eastern on the way out, we warm up the cornering through to yarra glen and healesville, stop for a regroup, possibly quick coffee to thaw out, as we wont be warming up through Christmas Hills :LOL:

    Chum Creek for some tighter stuff, then Kinglake to Yea for some midspeed up and down twisties/sweepers. refuel in Yea. can lunch here, or i'd prefer Marysville, put the money back into the town.

    then a fun little sideroad out of Molesworth for some great single track sweepers. pootle down the hwy to buxton avoiding any cops on the way, and more fun sweepers to Marysville. as mentioned, lunch possibly there. then push on down the Black Spur for a lap (or two :twisted: )

    then a rather boring run back into the city lol, ending at the Diner.

    if you're keen for this, then we depart 10:15am sharp, probably morning tea in healesville, and a late lunch in marysville, back in the city by around 4pm.

    what say you? :grin:
  14. Weather is looking fine, I'm in. See you at the BP. I was planning to head that way tomorrow anyway!!! :grin:
  15. Magic :D

  16. Damn, if only i had seen this earlier. Would liked to have opened the bike up.....

    Thats a very good route and was along the lines of what I woud have done.

    Hope you all enjoyed the day.
  17. Ditto - should've just ignored what needed to be done & gotten on the bike :(
  18. You two should of dropped everything to do a ride like this, I did :LOL: I joined the ride at Healesville and rode with them until the turn off to Flowerdale/Yea.

    It was very cold and windy but thats the norm up there this time of year, would of loved to hang in till the end but had to be home by 2.00 :LOL: was a little late but only by an hour :roll:

    Till next time
    Cheers Bruce

  19. How did Arc survive that :?: LOL

    You been grounded for being late :roll: ?? hehe ...
    my kids were gunna hide the keys to my bike this morn :shock: