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[VIC] Heads up in Healesville

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by JoeyPav, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Was coming home from my house in Healesville on Chum Creek Road and saw a BMW K1200S cruising around.. Looked at his helmet, saw the checked blue/white cop stripe on it...

    I'm sure all you regulars know but I just found it interesting he had a pretty standard paint scheme on it...

    Was the second unmarked BMW K1200 cop bike I've seen this week, first was an all navy one on beach road.

    Healesville one looked exactly like this:

    Beach rd one looked like this:


    No more uniformed cop bikes these days?
  2. I was on the way down from Gembrook, and got pulled over by the bloke on the second bike. He was actually pretty cool compared to other cops I've had occasion to deal with.

    My rear tyre has the special "Phillip Island Slick" treatment (ie bald on the left hand side, plenty on the right), and he defected me on that. I told him that I was booked in at Turn One on Monday for a service and new tyres, but still the defect. He told me (but not in the normal, "I'm a big powerful cop, but I'm letting you off cos I'm great" way) that he had the option of fining me for the tyre, but he wasn't going to.

    The cops were full on in the Black Spur on Sunday, pulling every bike over at the park in the middle of the Spur. I saw one bike getting taken away on a tray top truck. I imagine that had I been pulled over by them (all in cars, no bikes) I'd have been in a bit more trouble.
  3. After that head on fatal recently on the Spur, you can expect to see a lot of cops in the vicinity looking for unriders - and that was probably why you saw a bike being hauled away on a tray top. Then maybe he got done under Hoon laws...

    Fact is - the Spur is where everyone goes. Its where the cops need to interact with you all.

    My tip - don't overcook any corners..... and you probably will get no more than a licence check - which in the end isn't really too bad, because it rids the roads of the unlicenced guys who are most likely to give us all a bad name (if you follow my logic...).
  4. they've been all over the place. got stopped for a check on the mountain highway on Friday. they were just outside kinglake and on the christmas hills road yesterday. saw one booking a group of sportsbike riders on the toolangi rd just off the melba hwy this morning. seems pretty full on.
  5. Long weekend + good weather means stay away from these traps. There have been 3 such blitz's in the hills over the last 6 weeks.

    At least each one of these exercises costs the police department a lot in budget and resources. Which means don't expect too many in the future. :)
  6. I follow the logic, but it's such a nice stretch of road that I cannot resist. I find most of the other roads I know are too rough for my suspension setup (I know, I know: relax my suspension, but Pleiades = lazy :) )

    Now, that puts a smile on my face :grin:
  7. Was out this arvo with a couple of mates, we got pulled over in Emerald too. 4 cops (2 marked and 2 unmarked) - nice guys, just doing a random license check. I assume they are trying to reinforce bike safety :)
  8. Have a look at the link Here

    This is the best advice that there is out there for riding the Black Spur. Plan your corners....

    It will help you make sure that you don't end up doing This
  9. Time to start exploring other roads guys!
  10. I learnt my lesson few years ago. Tukit easy on Australia weekend :? Got done for 145kmh in a 100. Back side of Mt Hotham, middle of goddam nowhere, near Ensay. 6 month suspension 3rd time loser :cry:
    Yesterday I just pulled over on long straight from Kinglake to Toolangi, just about to 8-[ contemplate 2nd gear mono's, then I spot in distance the ol telltale yellow vest with white bike.
    So then I head for Toolangi and at turn off at top of Toolangi /Kinglake Melba hwy slide was the blue K1200. Constable Adam on (EW984). Nice guy. Just doing licence checks.

    So I headed for Healsville and I ALWAYS do 60 kmh limit through Toolangi township but NEVER see cops, till yesterday.
    :shock: Another marked machine.
    Oh and 2 weeks ago the Brown beemer(GV109) was in spur doing licence checks. They just doing their jobs.
    Im presumming mods it aint illeagal to post licence plates numbers? if so deletion is imminant :grin:
  11. They are seriously targeting unlicenced/unregistered at the moment. This is ahead of the release of the community policing and education strategy on Thursday. I understand that it's possible that they may only be giving out a warning for minor offences at present.
  12. Holy Moly! Was that roo playing chicken with Loz@netrider?
  13. lol open your eyes, thats in america, or at least not Oz, so doubt it wwas our Loz. yellow road line, riding on RHS. and no roo, was that a fox or something run in front?

    how does a wide, deep, tight corner technique help you avoid an animal like that video?
  14. Oh yeah! I didn't even notice the wrong side of the road thing. :)
  15. How is it that as motorcyclists we are expected to put up with the endless straight up discrimination and victimisation from the Vicpol....

    Imagine the indignation and outrage if every di#kh#ad in a Volvo, Subaru/Honda or 4WD/SUV got pulled over every second sunday just for a licence check or on the spot RWC ( by a person/s not qualified to assess the same ).... :evil: :twisted: :roll:

    FFS enough is enough......just my 2 cent rant....
  16. Don't get too excited. I get pulled over for a "random" RW check or license check more often in the 4x4 than I do on the bike. :roll:

    Every minority group has the same problems. Bikes (Road or Dirt), 4x4's, "Drifters", Paragliders, Hunters, Fishermen. :evil:
  17. i read in paper the other day they are putting 15 more unmarked police vechiles in the yarra valley for rest of 'summer'.
    got pulled over twice sunday morning at 9am in lilydale just for random check, got told they r blitzing lilydale, healesville, coldstream, spur, warby, woori, reefton, etc for the next few weeks.
  18. I don't get that. How is the police officer not qualified to conduct the road worthy? Are you suggesting that they haven't done a course or are you just assuming that some one will pass out defect notices risking getting into trouble when they are not qualified just out of spite? I think you will find that no cop would risk the ass kicking for giving a defect without having done a course.