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[VIC] Have I missed something?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davesquirrel, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Or is it legal for cyclists to ride across pedestrian crossings nowadays?

    Was turning left into Swan Street from Punt Road this morning and this lycra-clad idiot suddenly darted off the kerb into my path just as I was coming round the corner.

    A bit of back brake had the arse end slip out from under me a bit but thankfully I didn't go down. Heard his mate (still on the kerb) shouting at me so they both got a few choice words to the effect that it was a pedestrian crossing, but from under the helmet all he probably heard was mumbling...

  2. Nope, they have to dismount and walk across the crossing and are not allowed to ride on the footpath when over the age of 12 unless it's signed as a shared zone or they are accompanying under-12s.

    Sauce: Road Safety Road Rules 2009
  3. He was very lucky I wasn't in a car then...
  4. Some "shared path" tracks stop at traffic lights, so the answer is a sometimes yes. It is usually made explicit by a bike symbol in the crossing that is timed differently (longer) to the walk light.

    Of course, he was probably illegally riding on the foot path if I remember the intersection correctly, BUT if he'd been with an 11 year old kid it would've been perfectly legal.
  5. Just to clarify my post. It's not always obvious from the road that the sidewalk is a shared path. Assuming that the (hypothetical law abiding) cyclist will not cross is therefore dangerous.
  6. I've used the same route for nearly 2 years now so know the intersection well, and there's a shared use path across the park that ends at the Swan Street crossing, which doesn't have bicycle traffic lights.

    The three guys on bikes had stopped at the end of the path, but yeah you're right should have assumed that one lone ******** was going to use the pedestrian crossing.
  7. I imagine on the flip side there's an aggrieved cyclist on a bike forum somewhere, venting about how some arsehole on a motorbike ignored the give way to people using the crossing rule...
  8. I had one slam into the side of my van a few months ago in the city, lucky for me I had a cop see it happen and told the bike rider to pull his head in as it was their fault.

    You cannot be expected to see people flying up on you on bikes.
  9. Why is it that motorcyclists judge all cyclists from one incident?

    Smells a lot like cage drivers judging all motorcyclists on the basis of one incident.

  10. What I am getting truly tired of is the cyclists going the wrong direction down one-way streets. I've had several near misses recently where they've come flying around the corner from Swanston into Little Lonsdale St while I've been coming up there.

  11. You must have funny glasses on because I don’t see that anywhere? :-s
  12. CBD cyclists do seem to have a guerrilla warfare attitude... surviving in that high density car jungle day in and day out is no mean feat.
  13. Well better you make a better observation then Tom... highlights added for your viewing pleasure:

  14. Off your high horse now Rob.
  15. Just had a look at this spot on streetview. It looks like the bike path terminates at the footpath. There doesn't appear to be a cycle signal (?) so technically the cyclist should have dismounted. That however would be a separate offense and probably not mitigate much against a motor vehicle failing to give way. It would be a defense, but a weak one IMO.

    Bottom line seems to be watch out for them whatever the law says.
  16. Hey, hang it on the cyclist by all means. Farking simple concept really.
  17. wtf is a sidewalk?????????
    It's a fuggin FOOTPATH
    A crosswalk is a CROSSING
  18. But there were two of them who thought he (the cyclist) was in the right so using the plural in that context is actually correct. When there is something there by all means have a crack but you are seeing ghosts in the fog here, me thinks.

  19. I'm still not seeing it :-s
  20. ...ah huh... only one was involved in the near collision and called an idiot.

    LOL @ Smee dropping a valve!