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[VIC] Hart ride for life., Sun Oct 21st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Dust off your bike, brush up your skills & SPRING back into riding

    2007 hart ride for life on track

    Every Spring hundreds of Victorian riders jump back on their bikes after a winter break, and unfortunately this is associated with a spike in cras...

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  2. Ok a quick call around to see if anyone else is heading out to this event? I am planning ot head out there at this stage

    cheers stewy :)
  3. Yep. Loz is as well. Couple of others in the HART training thread, here.
  4. yep but i think most of them are going to head over after the pink ribbon ride :? and as to not to get people mixed up with the course....as this date isn't the course... just to test ride other bikes and book for it :)
  5. This is a great day out, we have so much fun riding bikes we normally wouldnt. But alas, this year same day as PRR which hasnt happened before. I am marshalling at PRR or I would be there with bells on. Last year I rode the Transalp and the 1100? shadow. Those running boards were scraping around every roundabout. :) You do have to get there early to book a test ride, as its really popular.
  6. I hadn't seen this ride thingy. I live 5 mins from tulla hart. But I am already booked on the PRR.
  7. Hey Stewy,
    I'll be heading out to this one.
    Headed to the Kilsyth one last year, this year will have to go Tulla for sure.
    PM me if you wanna ride in together
  8. if i have my bike by then ill deff be there and porb want someone to ride with from south Melbourne
  9. well i will probably be leaving from the s.e. burbs (will sort something out with nee) but am sure we can line up a met (to pick you up OG) on the way through
  10. cheers got the cash organized i hope to have bike before this day otherwise could end up driving - i read they have a bike maintenance thing sounds worth it however i get there
  11. I'm going to check this one out tomorrow, definitely gonna be a very informative day for me :)
  12. Hey Stewy count me out for this. I may have to cage it in. :(
  13. Do you get to have any test rides? Someone suggested that a CBR125R will be there for people to try out?
  14. May go for a wander and check it out.. :grin:
  15. tittie ride for me tomorrow.

    I was going to go to Hart after the ride but I start work at 6pm :( doubt I'll have time
  16. Yeah there are a couple of try it sessions and the cbr125 is one of them. I don't get why it's so cheap brand new, compared to a second hand cbr 250rr .. I wouldn't mind riding the 125rr for myself when I get my license, but I don't want a brand new bike as my first bike.. :p
  17. Another great day down at Ride for Life.

    Free 45min try-it session doing exercises from the intermediate/advanced courses, lots of prizes and giveaways, cheap gear, sausage sizzle and of course the chance to get out ad thrash the bollocks off the poor Honda test fleet.

    Good to see so many of you folk down there, including a brief appearance by Grobby on his new Hayabusa.

    And as for that 2006 CBR1000RR demo bike... Holy shit, it's every bit as good as I remembered. Boy does that bike bring out the bad bad man inside, poor Cheng held on for dear life on the back as I sailed past Movin's CB1300 waaaaaay up on the back wheel and dropped the front with a puff of smoke. I also had a ride of the deeply underwhelming, sloppily-suspended transalp... Meh.
  18. Look out Cheng, I think your man has a new woman looming in his life, and all for a poultry 16k :? .
    Yeah that wasnt a bad 1 wheeled effort, Cheng hanging on the back for grim death :eek:hno: and on an unfamiliar machine. Aint nuttin like thrashin the bollox of a bike that aint technically anyones bar a nameless, faceless, multinational. Guilt free floggin :dance: at it finest. :grin: And speakin of which, god bless Honda for letting us mono their bikes and giving them a good shlackin. Should be more of it. :LOL:
  19. Im glad Shaun and I managed to catch up with you guys today. Even though we didnt ride anything today ( rode them all last year. :) )Very hot and blustery conditions out at Tulla. I think everyone agrees the 125 Blade is woeful even though its pretty ( mind you, stepping off an MT and onto that is a bit unfair on the little Honda) the transalp is very , um, bland, 1000 Blade probably look very good under a certain mans xmas tree this year. An SV rider may have a scooter fetish now if his level of enthusiasm is anything to go by.

    What I did find weird was they had the 2008 range there , not to ride but to look at . BUT, not allowed to sit on.!!! Checking the seat height is my biggest priority as for me its a make or break.

    Doesnt matter anyway does it now. Go team Suzuki. :p
  20. The CBR600RR was just fun, fun, fun. . .

    . . . and I'm glad I chose the Ducati Multistrada over the Transalp. :cool: