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[VIC] HART 'Bring A Buddy' discount on Learner and Licence courses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by коннор, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. This quarter, HART is having a special where you can get a discount if two people book a course together. To quote their site:

    "HART is offering anyone who books into a Learner or Licence course in July, August or September 2010 will receive a $25 discount. Bring a friend and you both receive $50 off!"

    and (from terms&conditions):
    "# Buddys must book into the same course, to take place on the same date, at the same location."

    I figure there's got to be a few people here who could benefit from this. See this PDF for course availability.
  2. (Separate post for simpler quoting and, well, separation)

    I'm looking to get my licence in the near future (waaaaaay overdue), so it'd be great if I could team up with someone else and get the $50 discount. Kilsyth would probably suit me best as I don't have a vehicle at the moment and I should be able to get there by PT (bit of a hassle, but its only one day). I should be able to do weekdays, though I'm okay with doing a weekend to benefit the other person (would only costs me $5 more than doing the weekday on my own, factoring in discounts).
  3. I am interested in team up with you to get this $50 offer.
    I had my learner @ Somerton, but I think I can make it to Kilsyth.

    mail me if you are interested.

    cheers, Sumit