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[VIC] HART Advanced Rider 1 Course. Sun Dec 16.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Danielle, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. i've just enrolled for this course as some further training is long overdue. is anyone else coming to this? might see you there.

  2. I did it in September. Here's the review I wrote on it : Clicky
  3. cheers for that. good read. now i am scared!! :p
  4. HART course for the win! Make sure you hop on the 600, you'll learn better throttle control!

    Plus you'll be amazed at how much you've improved at the end of the day. :LOL:
  5. I will be there with a mate. I used the voucher I won in the raffle at the Pink Ribbon ride. Don't forget to take your lunch as only tea & coffee Provided. See you there!!
  6. woo a cyberfriend in RL for the course!
  7. lol RL.
    hope the spawn time isnt too long if u do crash :LOL:
    i wanna do one of these courses :(
    but im goin for the NR bbq,
    then firetwirling xmas thingy in the evening :)
  8. i'm booked in this course on sunday
    see you there!!!
    fingers crossed for a nice day...then again, it doesnt rain in melbourne any more does it?
    im coming off restrictions on saturday...but have done 000's k/m on a larger engine, so i've figured this course is for me
  9. a very informative and challenging day! If my level of improvement was anywhere near Danielle's I'll be a happy camper. Well done kiddo!!

  10. sweet!

    i look forward so seeing some knee-down, chickenstrip-removing, full on cornering action on monday then Dani :p :grin:
  11. hey hey..

    doonx.. the words "this was a tough course" kept going through my head as they explained the first exercise... by the second go through the cone-maze, my arms were caining... i kept hanging on tighter and tighter with my legs.. and my arms stopped hurting!

    it was a tough course. but i learnt so much.. got a suprise when i was back on my bike on the road at how much more at ease i felt in general being on the bike :)

    wizud- good to have another netrider there! cheers for the company on our scenic ride home! beats crappy nepean hwy!

    and yep chiggenwings.. i was on a 600 :) mm yellow hornets! i seriously love those bikes (sorry cb400.. you're still.. okay) .. feeling them fly around the thunderdome at calder , very-nice indeed.

    nibor- sorry to disappoint you today with no knee-down action.. but there was no bike-down action either so that has to be good!
    and of course.. a pic :p

    so who's in for advanced 2 in march!?

  12. I might be up for that course... they mentioned it on the Hart intermediate I did last friday... it's on your own bike though...
  13. yeh own bikes or $150 extra to use theirs..
    might be worth it though .. just to have those crash bars!!
  14. yeah well me n Dean were'nt thinking that at the bottom of lake mountain... you took forever :p sif do two laps looking for us lol.
  15. I did the Advanced course about a month ago.Tribos was there too,we paid for the course on the hart open day and got $100 off.That left $170 to pay for the course.
    These courses are good even for experienced riders because they put you through your paces with tight cornering and balance etc.

    Danielle do you know how much the advanced 2 course is?
    The instructors were saying that the ad2 course involved high speed cornering and braking.
    I would probably pay the extra $150 and use their bike.$150 is pretty good insurance if the bike does get dropped at a high speed.
    Another thing that I was unsure about is if the riders had to be in full leathers while doing the course. :cool:
  16. http://www.hondampe.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/hondampe/Home/Motorcycles/Training+%26+Licensing+%28HART%29/Course+Pricing/VIC/

    kwaka: i believe you need full leathers.. or EQUIVALENT. For advanced 1, draggins were fine. At broadford I'm not sure.. cos they don't have knee-armour (at least, mine dont.) Perhaps you can hire.. not 100% on that... that mighta been a different course provider.

    LOL as for you nibor... who says i was "looking" for you :p