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[VIC] Had a win today.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rourkster, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. A while back I posted about my serious speeding trangression whilst visiting Melbourne (85 in the 80 zone in the Burnley Tunnel) in topic https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=507997#507997

    Sent away my unblemished driving record and got a letter back today from VicPol's Traffic Camera Office advising that the fine had been waived and an Official Warning issued instead, with no loss of points. :cool:

    Thanks to those from down south who offered their advice at the time. :applause:
  2. Good stuff, about time someone had a win over those blood-sucking leeches :LOL:.
  3. Congratulations rourkster :grin:
  4. Re: Had a win today.

    ...good stuff

    guess it was worth the grovelling snivelling...I am very sorry
    ya honour and I will never transgress again...letter
    for no loss of points or money :twisted:
  5. Excellent news, Simon! I only wish I knew about it when I got my one and only speeding fine a couple of years back.
  6. great to hear....


    Did you know the crazy vic roads can't take points from a nsw drivers licence???

    I got booked in QLD around 1.5yrs ago and have never heard from them since.

    But good on ya on principle anyways :wink:
  7. :censored: the 1 demerit point.

    Its having to hand over ya hard earned money that sucks, & thats what
    he now dosent have to do.
  8. Well done, but have to ask, did your appeal for clemency have a slight hint of who you work for?
  9. does anyone know the 'exact' whereabouts of the cameras in the tunnel? Especially outbound....
  10. Hee he. I tried not to make it sound too much like a manuscript report, but I think it would've been pretty obvious to the officer making the adjudication that I knew what I was talking about.... :wink:
  11. Ooh, and thanks to the Mod who added the [VIC] bit to the topic subject heading. I forgot to do it. :oops:

    See everyone - Netrider mods aren't that bad! :grin:

    grovel, scrape, fawn, kiss arse etc etc
  12. There is supposedly an understanding between jurisdictions in regard to demerit points.

    E.G If you have a Victorian driver licence and get booked in NSW, the NSW RTA will notify Vicroads and the points will be deducted accordingly.

    In reality I doubt it happens though.
  13. Congrats on the outcome.

    Question, exactly what did the TIN say? Were you doing 85kays or was that the alleged speed? Here they take off 3 kays from the detected speed and allege that.

    ie. if your alleged speed was 85 then the actual detected speed would've been 88km/h.

    I'm curious as to the tolerance in the tunnels as I've crept over 80 kays a few times in there and have yet to receive any fines.
  14. Detected speed was 85km/h and my alleged speed was 83km/h.
    And it tells me the offence occurred in the right hand lane of the Burnley Tunnel at Richmond approximately 2110 metres after the tunnel entrance.
  15. So 3-5ks over the limit. What a f#cken joke.
  16. Got stopped once on the Gold Coast Hwy doing about 15km/h over, my little piece of tin saved me :wink:
  17. Little freddie does come in handy sometimes eh :grin:
  18. Before i go jumping to conclusions. What little bit of tin are you reffering to?
  19. Badge. :wink:
  20. You think he was talking about his tin firearm huh? [​IMG]
    He's talking about his freddie bud. [​IMG]