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[VIC] Greetings and Salutations!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TreeFiddy, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Just thought I'd introduce myself, now that I am the proud owner of a two wheeled, two cylinder motorbicycle!

    I found Netrider a great resource for tips, impressions and idea's and am hoping that one day I can contribute back to the masses.

    Here's my new wheel's



    The front fairing is off an '84 GSX550, and seems to suit ok for a naked bike.
    I'm thinking of putting a piece of plastic, or aluminum the same colour and width as the frame to hide the connections and make the lines flow a bit more :grin:

    It's a 1990 Suzuki GS500E, originally black in colour, but in a few months I plan to paint it... Well I'm not sure actually, any suggestions?

    Also thanks to nice2Bnaked for his guide to cleaning and beautifying my new found love.
  2. Welcome.

    The pictures are great, a very well kept bike.

    How is the fuel tank? I used to have a 1988 bike and got rid of it because rust from the tank was causing problems with the filter & engine. If there is rust in it maybe consider a new tank before respraying it.

    There are some great motorcycle pictures online, keep looking until you find an option for a paint job that may suit you.

  3. I can't believe how well that fairing fits in with the lines of the bike, great job. You'll really appreciate it on a trip, trust me.

    I'd probably paint it a lighter colour, if at all, and take the opportunity to match the fairing exactly to the colour of the rest.
  4. +1. I looked at the pictures and did a double take, It fits in really well. For a second or two I thought it was a standard model that I hadn't seen before.
  5. Thanks guys!
    I wasn't 100% on it when I first saw it, but it really grows on you, nice to know someone else likes it too.

    My neighbor is an (ex) professional painter, so he'll be painting it, no doubt I'd mess it up.
    He did a great job on dad's 1968 Daytona (which has since been replaced by a Tiger)

    Yeah I think it was a pretty pampered bike, I was probably lucky to get it at the price I paid. It was owned by an old bloke, who didn't ride a whole lot, then sold it to an older couple, which the wife rode. Mostly country K's which it will continue to do, (about 20K into town) hopefully it will do another 50,000K.
    There isn't any rust that I can see, but I'll get a good torch out there and have a hard look, just to make sure.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying being out on the road. (Except for the tailgater's, of course)
  6. Have you seen that damn Loch Ness Monster??? :LOL: