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(VIC) Great Ocean Road SUN 8TH NOV

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by nathanshnoz, Nov 6, 2009.


    Meeting point: BP servo WAURN PONDS (geelong) 10AM
    Depature: 10.30AM SHARP

    route: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...8.526682,144.110413&spn=1.602912,2.304382&z=9

    will be a level 4 (intermediate/advanced) kinda ride so wont be suitable for learners/inexperienced riders, but corner markers and TEC will be used so no one will get left behind.

    Melbournites: Normal Outbound Todd Rd Westgate meeting place at 9:00 for a 9:15 departure. CJVFR will meet other melbourinans there.

    i'll see everyone in geelong

    So far attending:

    sir skuffy
    dr who
    rod (maybe)
    roderick GI (maybe)
    popeswd (99%)
    noticibly FAT

    and there are a dozen other maybes

    weather is supposed to be 30 degrees and sunny :)
  2. Thinking about it, if not at Todd Rd by leave time will not be coming.
  3. For those that don't know the Todd rd Shell servo where the Melbourne contingent is meeting it is below. 9am for a 9:15 departure. :

  4. G'day everyone,...

    Anyone got a better map of the BP location in Geelong as the Google map dose'nt seem to want to work.


    I will be comming into Geelong down the Bachus marsh-Geelong road then left into the main drag?

    Dr Who?
  5. Google maps do not show it well Dr Who. It is 209 Princess Hwy so if you rejoin the Princess after coming in from the Bacchus Marsh rd and keep heading towards Colac. It is on the left. If you reach the round about with the Anglesea rd turn off then you have gone too far.

    This is what it looks like at street view, you can zoom back out from there.
  6. Im in. See you Sunday.
  7. G'day everyone,...

    Thanks for that cjvfr,..
    Looks like where the Geelong bypass rejoins the princes hywy,..I went to anglsea the other weekend and it looks familiar,...

    Dr Who?
  8. I may pop down if I get up in time... I haven't been to one of these meets before, I normally go alone, so I wouldn't mind tagging along if that's ok!
  9. yeah mate sweet the more the merrier hope to see you there!
  10. Yep, I think I'll also make it. I'll see Chris and the rest of the Melbournians at the Shell.
  11. Your Google Maps link doesn't work, at all. The URL seems to be truncated.

    I will be riding on Sunday, but probably not West. May change my mind though and join you lot. We'll see. Fix the route and you may get more interest. :)
  12. Thanks RoderickGI, the route is:

    Route Map
    Click Here
  13. 99% sure I will be along for this. I think Mr Skuffy is the only one I've met before but never mind! Looks like a nice day for it.
  14. i have to go to geelong to-morrow
    so are trying to talk the boss into letting me out for day

    may see you at Geelong meet point
  15. I am in.

    Havent done many group rides but the planets have aligned and I am not busy working or doing uni and its a nice weather forecasted!! :)
  16. Yep, im keen, but will have to see how tonight goes and whether i am able to ride tomorrow morning.
    Have fun!!!
  17. Of course I'll be there :)
  18. All going well I will be at Shell and will be meeting another at Geelong

    Thanks Neil
  19. Arrrrrrrgh! Im out!

    I was hell keen for this but i decided to cut my dread locks off and now my helmet doesnt fit at all! Even with a thick beanie on i can nearly spin it around, it doesnt seem safe. $#!t

    I wonder how many posts i have to make before i "earn" the right to use the classifieds?

  20. I think you need to be a paid member.