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[VIC] Great Ocean Road on Cup Day, Tue Nov 6th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Justin Clift

    Who wants to come for a ride up the GOR (Great Ocean Road) on Cup Day?

    Meet point is the Shell servo just before the West Gate on the way to Geelong.

    Meet time is 8:30am, with a start time of ~8:45am.

    We'll cruise up the GOR, taking in some tw...

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  2. Heard on the news earlier that there has been a landslide on the GOR and it will be closed overnight for repairs. take it easy down that way :)
  3. Adding to Caz's comments more rain is expected tonight. The GOR has experienced rock falls and may see more. They've closed sections of the road in order to allow machinery to clear debris clogging bridges.

    I'd be reconsidering this run, or any run really, to give the roads a chance to clean up.

    Wonder how the Muskateers run is going...
  4. Wow! :shock:

    Sounds like we're better off using the time for a different route or for something else.

    Oh well, next year perhaps. :)
  5. I suggest you contact Colac Police Station (they look after that part of Vic) prior to heading to the GOR tomorrow to ensure it's all clear.

    Personally I wouldn't go anywhere near it on Cup Day as it's the return home day for those who've taken the 4 day weekend option and are staying down there so traffic will be real ugly as they all bug out.
  6. Good point. In fact, the best time to do a GOR run is mid week, when you don't have any tourists, or heaps of other bikes and hence, police out scrutinising you with an extreme scrute.
  7. most of the campers that were up there were flooded out...
  8. I'm a GOR virgin and looks like I am going to stay that way for a bit. I need to do a bit of tidying up my parents property for the fire season. Damn.
  9. My job requires me to do site visits and some of those sites are along the GOR :grin:
  10. Loz & myself headed down that way yesterday & ended up doing 500 odd kms of excellent throttle cable stretching fun :) :) Bit of dirt on the road here & there, the odd bit of water on the road, all the trees had been removed & best of all -no traffic. Woo hoo :LOL: :LOL: And that included all the back roads through the hills and surrounding areas
  11. Hell yeah, great fun ride it was. Always good to get down the Ocean Road and down to the old Laver's Hill Tavern. Pete's selling up soon and leaving on an open-ended adventure, so if you like to chew the fat with him get down there in the next couple months.

    And then there was the entertainment... And I don't just mean Roarin's mirror-scraping corner speed!

    We stopped to assist a bloke on a gixxer750 who had been forced wide by a truck and smeared himself down the armco, possible broken arm. Did what we could to convince him to get an ambulance on site and nestle into the warm glow of TAC financial assistance, but instead he decided to send a mate hooting back to town to get a ute.

    His mate, on a CBR250, had been anxious to get back quickly - perhaps too anxious - and had lunched it on the Mt. Defiance lookout corner (didn't he see the sign? Mount defiance... LOOKOUT!). He ran across the road, smashed into the stone wall, and did the superman high-jump over the wall and down into the trees below, where he enjoyed a remarkably soft landing.

    When we came across him, he was back up on the road, with a sore knee and laughing hysterically about the hilarity of the situation. We understand they got a 2-for-1 discount on ambulance and towing costs. Nicely done lads.
  12. Hehehehehehehe. Har har har har har. Damn that was funny. Lucky no one was seriously hurt 'cause it wouldn't have looked very sympathetic or appropriate to have the two of us laughing like lunatics at the situation. Hehehehehe. Sorry -just can't help myself.