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[VIC] Great Ocean Road [B100] Road Condition/Hazard Reports

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by ResmeN, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Went thru the Great Ocean Road today up to the 12 apostles (Princetown). The GOR had been closed between Lorne and Skenes Creek for the past 3 days due to rock falls from inclement weather. The closed part reopened today but the 40km closed stretch of road had debris, rocks, frequent water patches, water flowing over the road, dirt just to name a few. Big patches of road covered completely in red dirt as if a roller has gone over it. After Skenes Creek/Apollo Bay it is business as usual and roads are neat. Add to that the normal potholes on the road coupled with cagers veering on to your side of the road on corners and we have a hazardous stituation.

    Probably will take a good few weeks or longer before it's back to normal if we don't get anymore bad weather.
  2. Anybody used this road since this thread was made and if so are the roads fully back to normal?
  3. rode down there Thursday. road is fairly clear but reduced to one lane in 4 or 5 spots between Lorne and Apollo Bay. they have traffic lights set up to manage the traffic. came back today through forrest.
  4. Thanks and exactly as you described. Instead of 4 or 5 single lane spots there are now 3 and hopefully soon none. On a group ride the lights come in handy as they bring the ride back together again.
  5. Local cafe owner just told me there's two or three plain clothed Moto cops about the GOR today.
  6. Yeah, watch out for a silver Ford Territory......!
    Experts at being stealthy to the point of 5 riders going around them while they were stopped at one of those road work lights and no one noticed!
  7. * Lorne to Apollo Bay *
    Apollo Bay end is still not fixed, 3 lots of single lane with traffice lights, and the road surface is torn to shreds.. The Lorne end of that section is OK though..
  8. Plus what the deal with these 70 zones and 50 "seasonal" limits... just rediculous/confusing zoning down there every 100m something different...
  9. The seasonal limits are confusing. The only way to enjoy the road is to depart Melbourne at the crack of dawn or a little later otherwise it's a circus out there.
  10. Just as well they have those signs that remind you which side of the road to drive on!
  11. I'll be heading down this weekend for the Apollo bay music festival, I'll be sure to let you guys know how its looking!
  12. They always say that.
  13. That's actually necessary. I was down there a while back and camper van was happily riding on the wrong side of the road - he only realised when he saw me coming, fortunately it was on a straight stretch!
  14. I always tread cautiously when those wicked vans are coming the other way as they usually tend to be driven by tourists or backpacker people who are sometimes in a different state of mind and you just never know :)
  15. Hey is there any other way possibly more interesting way to the GOR from Melbourne that isn't the freeway? I'm dreading it
  16. yeh sorento ferry 35$ one way nice trip did it sunday
  17. I'm keen to try the ferry route.

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  18. Hmmm very interesting! I'll have a think and see which way I feel like on the day. Thanks again
  19. You could always do what I do -drop back to about 80, clutch it up and mono for a km or 3. Making sure you indicate in advance for lane changes. Just to keep the safety squirrels happy. Followed by a rolling stoppie back to 80. Repeat as required.

    Or you can detour out around Williamstown past Tenix, through Altona, loop around Point Cook/Werribee South, then cross the freeway back through Werribee, test your top speed on the back road to Little River, past the speedway into Lara, cross the freeway again and follow the road around North Shore -past Shell and the fertilizer sheds, then down Cox road and back onto the ring road. If you've got the time mind you.