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[VIC] Great Ocean Road and more

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by javaman, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. If from the eastern suburbs, go through Arthur's seat - Redhill - and make loop to Rosebud. Continue to Sorrento then take a ferry to Quenscliff ($24 including bike, bring a rope to tie it). From there take the Ocean Groove, very nice clean sweepers best done at 120.

    Continuing to Lorne - Apollo Bay is well known and I won't get into details. Just be careful of cars on the weekends but they usally are cooperative to let you pass (quickly). Speed limit is 80kph but due to the twisties it's frequently fast enough to enjoy.

    Now from Apollo Bay - Lavers Hill is pure magic. No cars, very quiet, good bitument. Best done on dry sunny day as there are moss on the road and can get slippery with rain. Continue to Port campbell for more magic and a chance to see the 12 apostles.

    Returning back to Lavers Hill - Apollo Bay - Lorne, detour to Deans Marsh for variation.

    All above can be done in a day but need to leave early.

  2. that sounds like a nice ride - only thing i hate is the couple hours of straight roads :p The couple times i have been are during weekdays when im 'sick' roads are quite and no coppas around either.
  3. Koma recommends tightening one's sump plug once getting to Apollo Bay. ;)
  4. You're absolutely right. The highway from Melbourne to Geelong is mind-numbing ride.