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[VIC] Great Alpine Road via Cesthunt and Myrtleford

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by javaman, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Melbourne - Healesville: Well known, not bad, good scenery
    Healesville - Marysville: Black Spur, nirvana
    Marysville - Alexandra: Highway
    Alexandra - Mansfield: Boring highway
    Mansfield - Whitfield: nirvana
    Whitfield - Chesthunt: ok
    Chesthunt - Myrtleford: 30k of gravel, then NIRVANA

    Then to bright, mt hotham, etc which is well known beauty...

  2. I'm told the gravel between Cheshunt (note the spelling) and Dandongadale is either in the process of being sealed or will shortly be. The gravel there can be nasty depending on how long it is since they last dumped a load of the fist-sized gravel that logging trucks seem to like.

    If its a worry, going via Milawa is tolerable.

    If you don't mind dirt, then turn off the Marooondah hwy at Taggerty and take the Eildon-Jamieson road to Mansfield. A little further, and 14 k of dirt, but the rest is kinda magic.
  3. Last time I did the dirt stretch was Jan and it wasn't too bad then. Cuts a fair chunk off the time taken to go via Oxley.

    The dirt section of the Eildon-Jamieson road on the other hand is pretty bad - corrugated by all the 4X4 drives. But the black stuff either side can be magic.